Tuesday Top Ten: Dog Commercials

chihuahuaHave you seen the Traveler’s Insurance commercial where the dog tries to put his bone in a safety deposit box at the bank, then can’t sleep because he’s worried about it?  How about the one for Denta-Stix that shows the dogs with doggie dentures?  These are two of my favorites, which prompted me to do some research on commercials with doggie stars.

According to LePaws, a Hollywood talent agency that represents animal actors, one of every three television commercials features a dog.

I tried to find commercials that weren’t specifically for dog-related products, although the Denta-Stix one was too cute not to include in my top ten.

10.  Doggie Dentures / DentaStix And I have to tell you:  if you go to their web site, you can upload a picture of your dog to see how he/she would look with doggie dentures!

9.  Prized Possession / Traveler’s Insurance

8.  Lost dog / AT&T

7.  We couldn’t forget the Taco Bell dog!

6.  Dog limo ride / Bridgestone

5.  Quit smoking now!

4.  Dog eats bird at vet office / YellowBook

3.  Dog drives car / CarFax

2.  Dog steals Pepsi, blames cat

1.  Dog revenge / Doritos (2010 Super Bowl)

These last two are so good because they so accurately capture the possible intent of the dog, rather than just showing off a cute creature to sell something.

What commercial featuring a dog is your favorite?

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Dog Commercials”

  1. Melissa – If you follow the links in the article, it will get you to the YouTube video of the commercial and to the web site where you can upload your dog’s picture to see how he’d look with dentures. Beth

  2. Can someone email me some pix of the doggie- dentur dogs…. I can’t seem to get to them anywhere. Thanks— also a place where I can put dentures on a pix of my dog

  3. I’m assuming you’ve already checked YouTube. I don’t recall the commercial you’re talking about, but I’d either look on YouTube or on the brand’s web site – sometimes they have their old commercials archived. You can also see if TV Land has it in their archives – they sometimes have some of the old ones. Good Luck! Beth

  4. Hi!! Do you have the video clip of a really funny and old dog commercial, where it features a little white dog staring at himself in the mirror, after having a horrible haircut and there is a song playing really loud in the background with the words , ‘I’m so hurt’ It was ridiculously funny!!! But, I cant seem to find it anywhere!!!

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