Doggie Bios

September 21, 2017


Found these today on a site called Awkward. Most of the photos were submitted to Bored Panda – I’m not sure who added the captions. There are lots more where this came from! [Read more]

How do you annoy a dog?

August 23, 2017

These cats are giving it their best shot. My favorite is the one with the Siamese cat stealing the black Lab’s food!

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Friday Funny: Sleepy Time

August 18, 2017

Baby deer

From the good folks at Bored Panda. (Love that site!) I know this happens at my house. In fact, I almost couldn’t post tonight because my new kitten thought it was nap time. (see below) [Read more]

Caption, Please

August 12, 2017


I’ve watched too much of the hatred in #Charlottesville today. I needed something uplifting, and this photo did it for me. Anyone have a good caption? My pick is “All you need is love.”

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Who Has the Best Dog?

May 24, 2017

Best Dog

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Of Dogs and Brakes

May 22, 2017

IMG_20170519_184351I spent Friday evening at a friend’s house so he could put new brakes on my car, and look at who I got to meet!

Their son, Tyler, I’ve featured before. He is burning his way through the junior show circuit, having earned several ribbons both in conformation and in hunting trials. He shows the family’s three Black and Tan Coohnounds, as well as a friend’s Treeing Walker Coonhound.

Shelby and Tizzy

Shelby and Tizzy



[Read more]

Friday Funny: Brother from Another Mother

March 10, 2017

Pair 1From Sharably, check out these sibling pairs! [Read more]

Friday Funny: The New Guy

February 17, 2017

Dog in cat treeSometimes, we’re all a little weird.

Enjoy your weekend!

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One Scary Kitten and One Scary Dude from Florida

January 12, 2017

I can see where these dogs have reason to be so afraid! LOL

I couldn’t bear to make this whole post about the other dog story that is in the news today, but I’ll give you a brief overview. A Florida man has been arrested on charges he sexually assaulted the family’s pet dog over 100 times for at least the past three years. I can’t believe no one reported this ongoing abuse for over three years. People suck.

If you really want details, you can check out this story from USA Today.

Now, aren’t you glad I showed you the kitten video first?

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Election Day: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

November 8, 2016


Thanks to photographer and friend Randy Reed for providing this great example of how it is possible for us to get along with those we don’t always agree with. Prince the dog found a comfy pillow, while Ollie the cat found someone to keep him warm, demonstrating an important fundamental: working together, we can find a way to satisfy both sides. Collaboration is always better than anger and hate.

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