Second Chance at Life

March 16, 2017

Sweet story from WEWS of a dog left out in the cold to freeze to death, now getting a second chance at life as a comfort dog for firefighters, right here in Stark County, Ohio.

So nice to see a happy ending!

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Puppy Treated for Heroin Overdose

February 23, 2017

Photo:  Carrollton PD

Photo: Carrollton PD

From the Carrollton (TX) police department’s Facebook page:

Our many thanks today to Dr. Stacie Fowler and the staff at North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic for nursing this honorary K-9 back to health.

A-shift patrol officers found the puppy suffering from a drug overdose Saturday. Pup was left in the floorboard of a truck in the Home Depot parking lot while its humans were busy inside switching price tags.

Humans were arrested for heroin possession and for fraudulent destruction, removal, or concealment of writing. Puppy is on way to full recovery from opiate overdose and is back in the care of The City of Carrollton Animal Adoption Center.

I know heroin has become a terrible problem most everywhere, but seriously, WHO GIVES HEROIN TO A PUPPY??? Once again, I’m forced to ask What is wrong with people? I’m so glad an arrest was made.

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Shelter Sunday: Cupid’s Valentine Miracle

February 12, 2017

Photo:  Ernest Doroszuk / Toronto Sun

Photo: Ernest Doroszuk / Toronto Sun

A little different take on our normal Shelter Sunday feature.

The Toronto Sun is reporting on Cupid, a Great Pyrenees-mix puppy found abandoned in the garbage. Cupid was born without front paws, but has now been fitted with prosthetics by Janice Olynich at Pawsability in Leaside. [Read more]

Sign the Petition to Restore Puppy Mill Information to the USDA Website

February 7, 2017

Since at least 2010, if you wanted to make sure you were buying a dog from a reputable breeder, you could search for the breeder on the USDA’s website, which listed known animal abusers, including puppy mills.

Inexplicably, this information has been removed from the site. Their suggestion is that you instead file a request under the Freedom of Information Act, which could take years before you get a response.

Please join me in asking the Trump administration to restore this information to make it easy to access. Sign the petition.

Learn more about the issue on

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Puppy Mill Maps from Bailing Out Benji

February 6, 2017

USDA MapI just found this really cool site combating puppy mills through education, rather than through graphic photos. Bailing Out Benji shows you, state-by-state, where there are puppy mills and puppy brokers, and gives an estimate of how many adult dogs are being held. It also gives you the option of printing out flyers to post, asking people to adopt rather than buying dogs in pet stores, so as not to support these mills.

Their website gives you a little information about who Bailing Out Benji is: [Read more]

Puppy Van Crashes in New York

January 28, 2017

Photo courtesy NBC4/NY

Photo courtesy NBC4/NY

Kudos to the NY State Police, who came to rescue the 103 puppies from a box van that crashed on an upstate NY highway. The driver, who was speeding, lost control of the van which was coming from Missouri to deliver the pups to pet stores. The puppies are being cared for by the SPCA until they can be returned to Missouri.

My question: Where were the puppies coming from? 103 is a lot of puppies – could it be a puppy mill? Is this being investigated?

See the whole pictorial story on NBC4/NY.

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Refuting Allegations of Abuse on A Dog’s Purpose Movie Set

January 26, 2017

On the Ellen Show, Dennis Quaid discussed the controversy about possible dog abuse during filming. Quaid wasn’t present during the part of filming purporting to show the abuse, which was shown on an apparently heavily edited TMZ clip; however, he says he didn’t witness any hint of abuse while he was on-set.

Don’t believe him? Here’s a post from author W. Bruce Cameron’s Facebook page, about the alleged abuse: [Read more]

Saturday Survey: Dog Advocates

January 21, 2017


With all of the rallies going on in Washington, DC this weekend, it made me think about ways we might support dog-related causes.

For which issue would you be most likely to attend a supportive rally?

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Tuesday Top Ten: Travel Tips for the Holidays

December 20, 2016


From our friends at Orvis, the family-owned sporting, clothing and pet retailer.

1. Identification: Make sure he is microchipped and/or has a collar with contact information in case he gets loose in an unfamiliar place. Also consider bringing along a photo. [Read more]

Hope For Paws and the L.A. Fire Department saving an injured Mastiff from the L.A River

November 28, 2016

Another great rescue by Hope for Paws. I’m so glad Eldad posts these so I can share them with you. I just love how patient and caring he is with these scared dogs.

Another testimony to the value of a microchip!

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