Hank and Fuzzy: A Love Story

August 9, 2017

Hank Fuzzy

When Hank, a 4-year old chocolate Labrador Retriever, came to live at the Fox Valley Humane Association, he was accompanied by Fuzzy, a purple stuffed hippo. The staff couldn’t resist having a little fun with the pair. Their Instagram post featuring this photo read, “If you aren’t ready for a 4 year old Chocolate Lab to come home when you adopt your fuzzy Hippopotamus…well, sorry, we can’t approve your application.” [Read more]

Spay Neuter Grants Available

August 1, 2017

Many golden retriever puppy lovely in a gold basket

If you work for or have a soft spot for spay / neuter programs, you need to know that PetSmart Charities is accepting applications for spay/neuter program grants during the month of August.

Acceptable uses for the grant money include:
Clinic improvement/equipment (under $50,000)
Mobile spay/neuter clinics (under $50,000)
Subsidized spay/neuter programs
TNR programs
University spay/neuter programs
Municipal shelter pet spay/neuter

Apply at PetSmart Charities.

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Special Needs Dogs

May 18, 2017

Lab Rescue Helen

Helen. Photo courtesy Lab Rescue


The Fairfax County Times had this sweet article about special needs dogs, written from the perspective of the author’s (Allen Pearson) dog, Noah. They also pen the blog at www.fromthedogspaw.com I’m reproducing the article in its entirety in hopes it will help the cause of getting special needs pets adopted. [Read more]

Picasso, the dog who would NOT be put down

March 9, 2017

Have you met Picasso yet? According to CBS affiliate WIAT, Picasso and his brother, Pablo, were to be put down in a high kill southern California shelter, but were rescued before the unthinkable happened. [Read more]

Shelter Sunday: Cupid’s Valentine Miracle

February 12, 2017

Photo:  Ernest Doroszuk / Toronto Sun

Photo: Ernest Doroszuk / Toronto Sun

A little different take on our normal Shelter Sunday feature.

The Toronto Sun is reporting on Cupid, a Great Pyrenees-mix puppy found abandoned in the garbage. Cupid was born without front paws, but has now been fitted with prosthetics by Janice Olynich at Pawsability in Leaside. [Read more]

No Puppies Under the Tree!

December 15, 2016

not-presentTime for my annual reminder that dogs don’t make good Christmas presents. When you give someone a puppy, you are asking that person to make a commitment that may last as long as 15 or more years. This can be a real challenge for some people, so if you are not willing to take care of the dog yourself, don’t expect someone else to do it.

Getting a dog should only happen after caregivers have long discussions about who is going to provide day-to-day care and who is going to bear the expenses of caring for the animal. You should also do the research to discover which breed best fits your lifestyle.

The biggest reason why animals get surrendered to shelters is because they don’t meet expectations. Make sure you understand what to expect before you get a dog, and have a long conversation with your family before you add a dog to your home. Putting a puppy under the tree before you are properly prepared for the responsibility doesn’t benefit anybody. Please don’t add to our already overcrowded shelters!

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Hope For Paws and the L.A. Fire Department saving an injured Mastiff from the L.A River

November 28, 2016

Another great rescue by Hope for Paws. I’m so glad Eldad posts these so I can share them with you. I just love how patient and caring he is with these scared dogs.

Another testimony to the value of a microchip!

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Good day, and good dog!

Shelter Sunday: Circle of Friends Humane Society / Grand Forks, ND

November 13, 2016

doc-ndMeet Doc! This beautiful dog is living in Grand Forks, North Dakota, with the Circle of Friends Humane Society. Here’s what their website has to say about him: [Read more]

Shelter Sunday: Mission Pawsible

November 6, 2016

Good Morning America and North Shore Animal League are teaming up to encourage adoptions during the month of November with a campaign called Mission Pawsible. [Read more]

Shelter Sunday: Asheville Humane Society / Asheville, NC

October 30, 2016

ty-ncMeet Ty! This 6-year old gent is living in Asheville, NC with the Asheville Humane Society. Here’s what their website has to say about this hound / shepherd mix: [Read more]

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