RIP K-9 Baron

June 2, 2018

K9 BaronThe Boone County, MO Sheriffs Department sadly announced late last week that K-9 Baron had died during a training exercise. The German Shepherd had faithfully served the department since 2012. He was 8.5 years old.

Rest easy, Baron. Others will take the watch from here. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

K-9 Loki

January 10, 2018

LokiFrom the Facebook page of the K-9 Defender Fund: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”..Mark Twain

Meet K9 Loki of the Howe, Texas Police Department, where Sgt. Keith Milks and K9 Loki work hard in their community to keep drugs off the streets! Loki is an 8-10 year old Jack Russell/Fox Terrier mix who was picked up as a stray in Cibolo, Texas. The staff of the local animal services department, recognized a great potential in Loki and made sure he was given the training to become certified in narcotics detection. Sgt. Milks and Loki have been a team since early Dec. of 2017. K9DF is pleased to be providing another amazing K9 with an amazing story, the gift of a Buddy Bag. We hope the bag does nothing more than collect dust while in their possession. Here’s to a long, safe, successful and amazing career together you two!

Who knew a little terrier could be a K-9? Kudos to the city of Howe, on looking outside the box to find a big dog in a small body who they could rescue and rehabilitate to a useful function!

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Good day, and good dog

Tragic News from NY State Police K-9 Unit

October 25, 2017

K9 Will.  Photo courtesy NYSP.

K9 Will. Photo courtesy NYSP.

RIP K-9 Will. The New York State Police Department sadly reports that Will was killed in the line of duty on the evening of October 23rd. Tragically, he was killed by friendly fire. [Read more]

Memorial Marker for Jethro

September 26, 2017

Jethro memThose of you who’ve been following this blog for awhile will remember Jethro, a Canton police department K-9 officer who was killed in the line of duty. His memorial stone has now been placed at the cemetery where all local K-9 officers are laid to rest. Very handsome sculpture of a very handsome dog. (The PK9A logo is for Police K-9 Association, which is instrumental in training and supporting K-9 Officers and their handlers in Ohio.)

Incidentally, I ran into Officer Ryan Davis the other day with his new K-9 partner, Tuko. Unfortunately, Tuko isn’t nearly as social as Jethro was, so I was unable to play with him, but he’s doing a great job learning his new duties.

And, every dog on the force is now outfitted in a bullet-proof, stab-resistant vest, courtesy of the funds raised after Jethro’s death.

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Sad News from Tennessee

August 3, 2017

On Wednesday, August 2, 2017 at approximately 0500 hours, the City of Crossville Police Department assisted the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, who were attempting to stop a stolen semi-truck, which was traveling down a secluded dirt road off of Genesis Road. With City and County law enforcement in pursuit, the semi-truck wrecked in the woods and the suspect/driver fled on foot.

K9-Lt. Bart Riden and Police K9 Cain gave chase. K9 Cain made contact with the suspect, identified as Dustin Dixon – 28 – Crossville, TN, hiding in the woods. [Read more]

Canton PD K-9 Tuko Completing His Training This Week

April 25, 2016

Fox 8 News in Cleveland is reporting that Canton’s newest K-9 will be ready to roll starting in May. You might recall that Tuko is the dog chosen as the successor to Jethro after the latter was killed in the line of duty. Tuko will graduate from his training this week and start serving and protecting in early May.

Congrats to Tuko and Officer Ryan Davis.

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Friday Funny: Police Report

April 22, 2016

K9 Report

Most cops will tell you the worst part of their job is writing reports. I guess this one wasn’t so hard, though.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Stop the Killing

April 7, 2016

Stop Shooting I agree with Yari! Thanks to the Facebook page of Ohio Going Blue for this important public service announcement.

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Kindergarten Kop

January 12, 2016

Baby K9With all of the bad news about K-9s this week, I had to post something to make you smile.

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Canton K-9 Jethro

January 7, 2016

JethroI ran into Jethro and his handler while I was at the car wash yesterday. Jethro is an officer with the Canton (Ohio) Police Department, trained for patrol and for narcotics detection.

He’s very focused, but not really on the camera. His handler was standing behind me with his Kong toy.

Thanks to both of them for their service to the city I call home.



Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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