Friday Funny: TSA

April 21, 2017


As I will be traveling next week, this one struck a chord today.

Happy Friday!

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Guest Post: Traveling With Pets

July 16, 2016

Dog in seatbelt

If you have pets, traveling can be a stressful ordeal for both of you. Making sure your beloved animal is well taken care of is likely a priority, but it’s a big one on top of what is sure to be a long list of things to pack, schedule, and plan. Not only is it overwhelming for you, but when you have to take your pet to a kennel or boarding service, they can suffer from lack of adequate rest and a poor diet due to stress.

The good news is, you have options. If your travel plans will allow you to bring your pet along, good planning and some preparation is necessary. If you prefer to leave your loved one in the capable hands of someone else, there are ways to go about it that won’t leave you worrying during the entirety of your trip. Here are some of the best tips. [Read more]

Traveling Companions

May 16, 2014

I flew home from a business trip to Florida today, and these were my traveling companions from Atlanta to Ohio. These 9-week old Teacup Chihuahuas were born in Naples, Florida and were brought to their new home in Northeastern Ohio. Welcome to the Buckeye State, Iceberg and Luna!

Teacup Chihuahuas

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I think Mitt Romney took his dog for a car ride again

October 2, 2012

Photo: Washington Post

The Associated Press is reporting today that animal welfare authorities in Rhode Island are saying that a “fluffy white pooch” survived a trip from Massachusetts wedged under the front grill of a Toyota sedan. The driver apparently didn’t even know the dog had been hit and was wedged under the grill until a motorist in East Providence pointed her out.

So, if you live somewhere in Massachusetts & are missing a female poodle mix, please call authorities and let them know that your dog did NOT have permission for a road trip! BTW, your dog is now suffering a concussion and maybe a bladder rupture, but is otherwise no worse for wear.

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Doggie Seat Belts

May 2, 2012

It’s getting to be travel season again, and many of you will probably take your dog with you when you go. Trips With Pets offers the following very important advice on keeping your dog safe in the car.
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Saturday Survey: Do You Travel With Your Dog?

September 11, 2010

According to Pet Friendly, Inc., 15 million of us travel with our dogs.  Do you?

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Friday Factoid: Traveling with your dog

September 10, 2010

A record 65 percent of American families now own a pet, and many are taking them on vacation. Last year, more than 15 million Americans traveled with their pets, and 8.5 million stayed more than three times in a pet-friendly hotel.

From Pet Friendly, Inc.

Check out to find hotels and other destinations that will welcome you and your best friend.

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