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Considering Getting A Dog? Read this first!

From our own blog writer, Beth Philley...

101 Things You Should Know
Before Getting a Dog

A no-nonsense, step by step e-book to help you start on a positive lifelong journey with your newest 4 legged friend.

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"Excellent and informative! You have covered just about everything people should consider when buying a dog. And the pictures are adorable. Every prospective dog owner should read this prior to getting a dog.”

Marilyn B., Fairfield, Ohio

What's Inside?

These are some of the 100+ full color pages in this great easy to read guide for anyone interested in adopting a dog


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"My god, this is so wonderful. I've been training GSDs since 1982 and have done GSD rescue work. Most dogs hit the shelters between 6 - 8 months because the owner didn't know about the mental, emotional, and intelligence changes dogs go thru as they mature."

Donnasue J., from parts unknown.

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“This is a great book! Too many puppies end up in shelters because owners don't know what to expect. This should be required reading before anyone gets a pet.”

Carol G., Stafford, VA

Page 75

About the Author

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Beth Says...

"This book is just the beginning! I really enjoy writing the blog and hearing regularly from our readers. It gives me a chance to interact with other dog people and learn what's on their mind.

I also like helping them to solve their dog-related problems, like we were able to do with the Potty Patch.

I'm hoping this book gives readers another way to interact with me and with"

Enjoy this wonderful companion for any dog owner
at the download price of only $9.95!