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Below is a sample search of our veterinarian listings located nearest to Bangor. To find Veterinarians nearest you use our free search tool above.

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Mayfield Veterinary Clinic

1 Happy Valley Road
Dufferin Charlotte Co, NB E3L 2Y9
Tel: 506-466-2543

St Andrews Animal Hospital

126 Reed Avenue
St Andrews, NB E5B 1A1
Tel: 506-529-3036

Maritime Veterinary Services Ltd

246 Main
St. George, NB E5C 3S9
Tel: 506-755-8908

Woodstock Veterinary Clinic Inc

767 Main Street
Woodstock, NB E7M 2G2
Tel: 506-328-8248

Clinique V�t�rinaire Du Lac

4430, rue Laval
Lac-M�gantic, QC G6B 1B8
Tel: 819-583-5742

Countryside Veterinary Hospital

170 Holyoke Lane
Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 1V8
Tel: 506-363-3307

Islandview Veterinary Hospital

19 Silverwood Court
Fredericton, NB E3C 1K2
Tel: 506-453-9998

Clinique V�t�rinaire Beauce-Appalaches Enr

410, 144E rue
Saint-Georges, QC G5Y 2K4
Tel: 418-227-3006

Clinique V�t�rinaire de St-Georges Enr S E N C

555, 130E rue
Saint-Georges, QC G5Y 2T7
Tel: 418-215-1657

Douglas Animal Hospital

651 Clements Drive
Fredericton, NB E3A 7J2
Tel: 506-458-5944

Royal Road Veterinary Hospital Inc

23 Royal Pkwy
Fredericton, NB E3A 0J9
Tel: 506-460-8668

SouthPaw Animal Hospital

389 York
Fredericton, NB E3B 3P6
Tel: 506-454-2224

Valley Veterinary Hospitals Ltd

2024 Lincoln Road
Fredericton, NB E3B 8M7
Tel: 506-452-1117

Main Street Veterinary Hospital

329 Main Street
Fredericton, NB E3A 1E3
Tel: 506-444-0000

City Animal Hospital

Devon Pk Shopping Centre
Fredericton, NB E3A 3H2
Tel: 506-458-9223

Oromocto Veterinary Hospital Ltd

225 Restigouche Road
Oromocto, NB E2V 2H1
Tel: 506-357-8880

Saint John Animal Hospital

1700 Manawagonish Road
Saint John, NB E2M 3Y5
Tel: 506-635-8100

All Creatures Veterinary Service Limited

1216 Sand Cove Road
Saint John, NB E2M 5V8
Tel: 506-635-4102

Dutch Kennels

1005 Route 10
Noonan, NB E3A 7H5
Tel: 506-450-9442

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites

400 Main
Saint John, NB E2K 4N5
Tel: 506-642-2622

Saint John Animal Hospital North

229 Churchill Boulevard
Saint John, NB E2K 3E2
Tel: 506-633-4191

Clinique V�t�rinaire Beauceville

573, boulevard Renault A
Beauceville, QC G5X 1N3
Tel: 418-774-8881

Fundy Animal Hospital Ltd

3 McLean Street
Saint John, NB E2J 2K4
Tel: 506-634-8680

Avenue Animal Hospital Ltd

507 Rothesay Avenue
Saint John, NB E2J 2C6
Tel: 506-633-1885

Bureau V�t�rinaire Carole Sabourin

147, rue des C�dres
Stratford Centre, QC G0Y 1P0
Tel: 418-443-2583

Loch Lomond Veterinary Hospital

1964 Loch Lomond Road
Saint John, NB E2J 2A3
Tel: 506-696-2550

Fairvale Animal Hospital

1 Campbell Dr
Rothesay, NB E2E 5B6
Tel: 506-847-7519

Kennebecasis Valley Animal Hospital

90 Hampton Road
Rothesay, NB E2E 2P5
Tel: 506-849-1137

Atlantic Veterinary Hospital

125 Hampton Road
Rothesay, NB E2E 2N7
Tel: 506-847-2400

Clinique V�t�rinaire St-Joseph

1167, 173 Route Sud RR 2
Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce, QC G0S 2V0
Tel: 418-397-4934

Important: breeders.NET has not screened the listed breeders and accepts no responsibility for their reputation or quality. It is your responsibility to investigate. See How to Find a Dog.

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