How to Choose Your Dog’s Food

A plethora of choices lines the pet food aisle at your local grocery store or pet center. Choosing the right food for your dog is an important decision as it is sure to affect your dog’s well-being. Nutrition, serving size, and affordability are just a few of the factors that dog owners must consider when choosing a product. And what about table scraps? The following article discusses what to feed your pet for its optimum health.

Dry dog food is a popular choice.

First of all, owners of dogs should know that our four-legged friends are able to eat anything that humans can eat with a few exceptions, of course. A fast-food diet of junk food will add pounds to your pooch in much the same way it adds them to people. But aside from milk-based products (dogs have a difficult time digesting these) or chocolate (one of its components can lead to heart problems in dogs), dogs can lead a healthy life on a diet of meat, vegetables, fruit—many of the same foods we eat everyday. There are other foods that may not agree with your pet; lists of foods you may want to avoid can be found online by performing a simple search using keywords: dogs and table scraps.

Table scraps, when served in the proper ratios, do not deserve the bad reputation they’ve gotten over past decades. Healthy scraps, a serving from last night’s pot roast dinner, for example, are perfectly fine dining for dogs. Owners get into trouble by feeding their dogs too much which can lead to an overweight pet. It’s also difficult to calculate the proper serving size for your pet, but this difficulty is present no matter what type of food you feed your pet. The amount to feed your dog is often dependent on your dog’s size, breed, and activity level. If you have concerns about serving size, be sure to discuss them with your veterinarian.

Some ideal table scraps to consider for your pet are: lean cuts of meat (no bones), raw vegetables (carrots are a great choice), cooked vegetables, plain breads, rice, and pasta. Portion size is an important consideration; be sure to talk about the types of table scraps you want to feed your pet with your dog’s healthcare provider.

The main problem with table scraps is that it may encourage your pet to beg during mealtimes. If you choose to give your pet table scraps, you should always feed your pet after your meal—never during. In this way, you will set up a routine the dog will get to know. Also, keep your pet out of the kitchen or dining room during your own mealtimes to discourage begging.

If you are going to feed your pet packaged dog food, there are some recommendations to keep in mind. Choose dry dog food over canned. More than half the amount inside a can of dog food is water—an ingredient you don’t need to pay for as it is readily available through your sink faucet. Also, dry dog food may be beneficial for your dog’s oral health. Dry dog food can help keep your pet’s teeth clean and ultimately healthier than can food alone does. If you want to give your dog a treat, moisten his dry food with chicken or beef broth.

When choosing a dry food it is important to read the label for ingredients. The first three listed are typically the main ingredients. If meat, lamb, and poultry are listed first, then you will know that the product is meat based. If the bag lists wheat, corn, or soybeans first, then assume the product is vegetable based. Vegetable based pet food is less expensive than meat based products; however, most experts suggest a meat based dog food for the optimum health of most dogs.

Dog foods that contain cheap ingredients may be more affordable, but over time this poorer quality sustenance can lead to problems for your dog stemming from nutritional deficiencies. Purchasing better quality dog food is important for the animal’s health. In some cases, it may be more affordable to buy high quality dog food in bulk from online sources or from discount pet centers.


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