Saturday Survey: Should specific dog breeds be banned?

I know there are some strong feelings on this subject.  What do you think?  Are there breeds that have such a propensity for aggression that they should be banned from existence?


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6 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Should specific dog breeds be banned?”

  1. Banning breed is like banning races. If one race has a higher crime rate than another that by no means gives us the right to kill them all. Likewise, just because a certain breed has a reputation for being “agressive” does not mean we can just kill them all off. While certain breeds are more difficult to train and keep trained it DOES NOT mean they are dangerous, but the inability of their owner is. As said above, if is up to the owner to know what you’re getting into. It is also up to the breeder to screen the perspecive buyers of their furry little lovers. I do agree some dogs are not for everyone and I will not deny that pits can be mean. But this is no fault of the dog’s. The owner did not provide the proper life for the dog. They may not have been cruel and they may have had the best of intentions but they neglected the immense needs of their pet. Dogs like pits are a huge responsibility and not for everyone. But to say they are mean dogs and getting one is like Russian Roulette is unfair and ignorant. Pits can be turned bad, but that requires taking a very positive aspect of their demeanor, their determination to make mom and dad happy, into a weapon. There is a video of a woman who made her pit her son and sicked him on animal control and the officer had to have reconstructive surgury after but he did not do it because he was vicous by nature. He was devoted to his mom by nature. Had she not been insane she could just as easily have made him a service dog but she was irresponsible and negligent. I could go on forever but I think you get the idea.

  2. NO Breed should be banned, as stated above– iot is the duty of the owner to treat their dog with kindness and respect. if you can not handle a pit– do not get one! It should also fall on the BREEDER to breed a dog that is close to the breed standard. If a street hoodlum is breeding pts– what do you expect from this dog?? If loking for this breed or any other that has a bad name it is up to the BUYER to RESEARCH his/her breeder to find out if they care for the dogs properly! Both mentally and physically! bad bahavior starts as a puppy and continues with out corrections. ALL breeds can be loving and sweet dog– Has anyone on this site ever watch a dog show? if the breeds were something to be afraid of– would they be in the ring with all those other dogs?? Lets use our thinking brain people!

  3. I am extremely sure that the dog depends on the owner/trainer and the people that “try” to engage with the dog. If you have a Pit…treat him/her with kindness so he doesn’t fight. It seems like common sense! Rots are also very loyal, if you treat them right. I know from experience they will defend you. I own a Samoyed, an Alaskan Husky and a Bichon Frise. I love these dogs. They have never attacked and they make me feel safe at home when my husband is out of town. It is all about the owner and the people that engage in the dog. If you don’t know anything about dogs….if you don’t know how to engage with a dog….then learn something!!

  4. Yea their are breeds that should be Banned,the nothing politicians
    and their fascist animal control scum.Many of them are trying to gain Notoriety to get ahead in politics and their animal control are wannabee James Bond’s with a licences to Kill.
    Anyone who thinks to those I refer give a hoot to people’s safety ,those people must also still beleive in the Tooth Fairies.

  5. For a change lets have a different debate a few other issues
    1)Should Rape be made Legal?
    2)Should Paediophilia be Legalised?
    3)Should “nothing politicos” have the right to play “G-D” with the
    lives of family pets?
    An educated guess tells me the answer to the 3 above is a resounding NO.
    This disease BSL amongst “nothing politicos” and their animal
    control has turned into Endemic proportions and your new
    President must intervene.

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