Saturday Survey: Would you buy pet meds on the Internet?

As a way of saving money, many people have begun purchasing medications for their animals over the net.   What do you think about this practice?

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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Saturday Survey: Would you buy pet meds on the Internet?”

  1. makes in near impossible to contact them. WHY?

    Please delete under Dog Sitters record ID #309888 listed as Critter Sitter in Avis PA 17721 I contacted this “Company” to get info on her sitting for my 4 year old Cockapoo, Sierra, only to be told “Sorry for the confusion but I don’t do pet sitting, I was thinking of getting into that business”

    This is just a heads up for anyone needing the Pet Sitting service, don’t waste your time, I wasted 4 days trying to contact this person, now it is back to square one.

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