Tuesday’s Top Ten: Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe

This week’s top ten list is brought to you courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States.  Here are their top ten ways to keep your dog safe.

10.  Be patient with your dog.  Give him or her time to learn the stuff you are teaching, rather than expecting perfection the first time.

9.  Give your dog enough exercise to keep him or her physically fit, but not exhausted.

8.  Train your dog to obey basic obedience commands.

7.  Feed your dog a nutritionally balanced diet.

6.  Spay or neuter your dog.

5.  Take your dog to the vet regularly.

4.  Supervise your dog when he or she is outside, even if you have a fenced-in yard.

3.  Put your dog on a leash every time you leave your property.

2.  Vaccinate your dog against rabies on time every time.

1.  Provide your dog with an ID tag and / or a microchip.

Further details on these tips to protect your dog.

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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Tuesday’s Top Ten: Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe”

  1. Alternative top 10

    10. Be patient with your dog. If you beat them with a stick you are likely to lose your arm. If you expect perfection expect to be woken in the night under a shower of water.

    9. When exercising you dog be sure that you do not leave them on the treadmill too long.

    8. Train your dog to obey commands such as sit, fetch remote, cook dinner. Wash me B***h.

    7. Feed your dog the postman and the milk man for they are high in nutrients. Also be sure that they get the bones uncooked and take the skull off them in case the police call round.

    6. Spare your dog the shame of losing his/ her bits. Tell them they have to have tooth out.

    5. Before taking your dog to the vet. Be sure to confiscate their riot gear.

    4. Watch out for your dog at all times they will get you into trouble. My dog has started a career as a Bank Robber, but he never hurt no body as he just loves to live that way and spend all your money.

    3. Be sure that if any children are encountered when walking your dog ensure they are on a leash.

    2. Insure your dog against property damage, criminal prosecution and evidence tampering.

    1. If your dog has been tagged by the courts be sure they are in by their curfew.

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