DogTown USA: Provincetown, MA

Pilgrims Monument, Cape Cod

According to Dog Fancy magazine, Provincetown has earned the crown of DogTown USA by beating out 94 other entries in this year’s competition.

Entries were judge on the number of dog-friendly open spaces and dog parks, events celebrating dogs, vet care availability, and laws that are supportive of pets.

Apparently life for dogs is good, very good, in Provincetown.  So good, in fact, that the local shelter only has to find homes for about four to six dogs each year.

Shopkeepers provide water bowls along Main Street, and dog cookies are a common item in most stores.  They can go with their humans into the bank and the post office, and are welcomed at outdoor cafes.  Legend has it that an English Mastiff and and English Springer Spaniel were aboard the Mayflower, thus starting the town’s love for dogs.

Yet another reason to visit Massachusetts!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “DogTown USA: Provincetown, MA”

  1. Looking for puppy kindergarten class for my pup in the Provincetown area. Will travel to Truro or Wellfleet, but prefer not to travel farther than that. Any ideas? Thanks!!

  2. 678-557-1140 please call me . i am trying to find a home for a less than 1 year old pit mix. this is the sweetest dog you could ever imagine…

  3. DogTown USA (Provincetown) is in Massachusetts not Rhode Island. Provincetown is at the tip of Cape Cod adjacent to 33,000 acres of the stunningly beautiful National Seashore.

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