Wednesday’s Wild & Wacky Dog News: Probation for abusers of 115 dogs

In tiny little Medina, Ohio (just southwest of Cleveland), two women who hoarded over 115 dogs in their home were given a suspended jail sentence and probation.

People who toured the home and helped collect the dogs said it was one of the worst animal hoarding situations they’d ever seen, with feces piled as high as two feet inside the home.

Both of the women pled no contest, and were sentenced to a suspended jail sentence of 90 days, 120 each of community service, and five years of probation.

That seems a little light to me – how about you?

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wild & Wacky Dog News: Probation for abusers of 115 dogs”

  1. I agree–too light a sentence. I wonder about requiring them to take vet-tech classes, requiring them to work at no pay with animal rescuers. Some kind of therapy to get them to recognize the source of their hoarding.

  2. Some people have bats in the belfry and these ones seem to be no exception.
    The tragic part is when animals have to suffer needlessly when they’re the victims. Time will tell if the sentence compensates the deed. Perhaps if there’s
    genuine remorse on their part.

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