Gearing up for Westminster 2015

The Dog Lady at home (with Cooper!)
The Dog Lady at home (with Cooper!)
The Dog Lady is off today – she’s making her way to New York City for the big Westminster Dog Show. Her schedule includes Saturday at the Agility competition, with a stop by the AKC Meet the Breeds event. Monday and Tuesday will be jam-packed with conformation showing, starting with the breed competitions at 8:30 am.

If you’re at the show, look for a tall woman with spiked blonde hair and a T-shirt that reads If you won’t make it to Manhattan, check out our Facebook page and our Twitter feed (@TheDogDen) for up-to-the minute reporting. And, of course, she’ll be entering blog posts as fast as her little fingers can type. is your go-to source for all things Westminster in 2015 – don’t miss even one minute of the excitement!

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