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Top Five Dogs for Public Safety Agencies

Have you ever wondered why different dogs do so well at different jobs?  Just as with humans, they have different skillsets that are useful for different tasks.  We’re all familiar with the German Shepherd police dog, but you may not be as aware of these other working dogs that provide us with important safety services.

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Doggie Profiling

Looking for a new member for your family, but not sure what breed to choose? A controversial study from the American Veterinary Association shows that breeds can be placed in seven groups based on three general traits:

  •   Reactivity (described as showing a need for affection, excessive barking, snapping at children, being excitable, or having a high activity level)
  •   Aggressiveness (showing dominance or being territorial)
  •   Trainability (easy to train)

You can use this these groups to narrow down your search, based on what you are looking for in a dog.

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