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Dishes fit for a King…er…First Dog

A comment posted from Thomas told me about this, but I thought it was too good to be left as just a comment – wanted to make everyone saw this.  Here’s the complete press release.  Thanks to Thomas for alerting me to it!

Barack Obama is bringing from Europe unique presents – Luxury accessories for the America’s First Dog

Prague, April 7th, 2009

WOW! All America can see now what will the future presidential dog eat from and where he or she will live. Barack Obama, the president of the USA, is bringing from just finished visit of Europe interesting gifts.

Political leaders of European Union prepared for the First American Couple original and witty gifts indeed. On Sunday, Barack and Michelle Obama received in Prague luxury dog bowls and dog bed for their sweet pet that they should be getting on Easter. Special edition of products prepared exclusively for America’s First Dog includes logo that was specially designed for the dog that we all cannot wait to see! The First American Couple seemed evidently excited by receiving these gifts. We can expect that the future american dogstar will really use these gifts.

You will not be able to find so high-quality dog products anywhere in the world but in the Czech Republic, where they are manufactured by company Lillibed. Indeed, the official counciler’s gifts for American presidential couple bear the stamp of best quality. Made from world-renowned Carlsbad porcelain, the bowl for American first dog is gilt and coated by Swarovski crystals. The future first American pet will even receive two dog bowls, because every dog needs two bowls– one for food and one for water.

American presidential couple is bringing home also a dog bed to provide a place to sleep for presidential family’s pet. The bed is made from luxury all-natural materials and just as the dogs bowls bears the American First Dog’s logo. Manufacturers even kept in mind the allergy of Obama’s daughter Malia. Therefore, only special hypoallergenic materials were selected to enable Malia to take care of the family dog without troubles.

If you want to see them, here is the official website:

Don’t know how firm the Easter date is, but I thought the deluxe acoutrements were hysterical.  (My dogs eat from stainless steel bowls we bought at Wally World and they sleep on the floor when they’re not on my bed!)  I mean, honestly, Swarovski for a dog????

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Good day, and good dog!

Is the recession hitting your dog budget?

A recent post on says pet spending will likely decline this year due to the economic crunch most of us are feeling.  While the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association had originally forecast we’d spend $43.4 billion on our pets this year, that number may prove optimistic as the year winds down.

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Why a Crate for Your Dog?

Save, secure and happy
I cringe whenever I hear a well-intentioned person say, “I would never put my dog in a cage.” That statement comes not from a well-informed perspective, but rather from our having grown up going to zoos and seeing the animals behind bars, primarily to protect US from THEM. A crate is just the opposite… it’s main purpose is to protect the dog from us!
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