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Hope for Paws

I love sharing these videos from Hope for Paws. I am continually amazed by their patience and care in picking up scared and injured dogs who have never known the gentle touch of a loving human. Check out their YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and website for more information on this wonderful organization, founded by two people with a passion for rescuing dogs.

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Pets for Patriots: Another Love Story

Roger and Sugar Bear, courtesy Pets for Patriots
What do you do when you’re a Vietnam-era Army Veteran with two Yorkies and your wife asks you to find a big dog to complete the family? If you’re Roger, you turn to Pets for Patriots for financial assistance in adopting a dog who might otherwise be overlooked or at risk in a shelter.
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Helping Hurricane Sandy’s Animal Victims

How many of you have or have had a dog named Sandy? The name always makes me think of the scruffy little dog in Annie and the Lil Orphan Annie cartoon. Anyways, I received the below e-mail from Barry at Dig and Bark, so thought I would pass it along. I’ve ordered from them before and was very happy with both the quality and the service.
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“The best girlfriend I’ve ever had”

Photo: Pets for Patriots

I love reading stories about successful dog adoptions, especially when they involve veterans. Pets for Patriots reports that Coast Guard vet Al was suffering from depression when he saw a news story about the Pets for Patriots program that matches shelter dogs with veterans. The organization also with the adoption fee and veterinary expenses.
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