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Lutheran Church Charities Sends Comfort Dogs to Umpqua Community College

UCC Strong

From Lutheran Church Charities: While the story [of the UCC shooting in Roseburg, Oregon] was just being reported, LCC received a call from the Northwest District Disaster Response Coordinator, The Rev. Ron Norris, requesting the deployment of our LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs in response to this horrific mass shooting.

Following that initial call, the president of the Northwest District, Rev. Paul A. Linnemann, invited the LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs and handlers to Oregon to assist their district with reaching those who are in need, with the Mercy, Compassion, Presence and Proclamation of Jesus Christ.

The LCC K-9 Comfort Dog Teams had traveled from four different states the previous 48 hours to reach Roseburg Oregon. Monday, the team met at 7:30am and started the day with devotions and prayer still awaiting God’s plan for the day. God’s call came at 8am through Pastor Sarkissian of Green Community Church. He would meet the K-9 team at Umpqua Community College as they wanted the Comfort Dogs present when the faculty and staff returned in the morning and the students were invited back at 1pm to retrieve lost articles from the day of the shootings.

When the team arrived, they were led into the center of the campus with their vehicles and given a briefing of what would be going on in the college that day. Veterans from the veteran center, the acting college President, the Sherriff, and the students all arrived shortly after the faculty.

Words cannot describe how strong the emotions were. One by one people recalled the accounts of the day while they petted the dogs. Remembering each minute, where they were and what they heard or saw. Heartbreaking, heroic, and lasting memories. The 6 K-9 teams responded with love and prayer which was so appreciated.

What a wonderful ministry!

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Bailey’s Travels

Photo courtesy Pilots N Paws


What do you do when you receive an e-mail like this one? “The director of volunteer services at a local hospice in Pittsburgh, contacted me this morning. He was inquiring about a situation he is trying to deal with. A gentleman came to Pittsburgh from Florida for a liver transplant. Long story short, he now has cancer and is terminal and is in hospice/palliative care.

His dog (Bailey) is still in Florida.

It is this gentleman’s last wish to have his Bailey back by his side as it is now apparent that he will not be returning to Florida.”

If you’re Liz Bondarek, Volunteer Transport Coordinator for Pilots N Paws, you simply send out an e-mail and wait for the replies to flood in. It took at least four different flights and four incredibly helpful pilots, but Bailey finally made it to his dad’s side to offer comfort in his final days.

Read the whole story and see tons more pictures on the Pilots N Paws site.

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In Honor of Independence Day

Check out this neat offer from I have purchased tags for all of my dogs from this company and have been very happy with them. They simply do NOT wear out. You can choose one of their snazzy (and often funny) designs, or create your own. So, give your dog the gift of a shiny new tag, and give a vet a pet at the same time.

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Hope for Paws

I love sharing these videos from Hope for Paws. I am continually amazed by their patience and care in picking up scared and injured dogs who have never known the gentle touch of a loving human. Check out their YouTube Channel, Facebook page, and website for more information on this wonderful organization, founded by two people with a passion for rescuing dogs.

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Pets for Patriots: Another Love Story

Roger and Sugar Bear, courtesy Pets for Patriots
What do you do when you’re a Vietnam-era Army Veteran with two Yorkies and your wife asks you to find a big dog to complete the family? If you’re Roger, you turn to Pets for Patriots for financial assistance in adopting a dog who might otherwise be overlooked or at risk in a shelter.
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