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DockDogs Competition

dockdog1We spent some of the weekend getting sunburned at the Dock Diving competition at Clay’s Park, in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Sponsored by Cabela’s, Stihl, Time Warner Cable, and DockDogs , it was so much fun! We had a jam-packed weekend, so we didn’t get to stay as long as I would have liked, but we did catch some of the Big Air competition, where the dogs jump for distance. If you’re not familiar with Dock Diving, check out the article in our Dog Den.  Some of these dogs were absolutely amazing!

We saw a Norfolk Terrier, the first one who had ever competed in Dock Diving, jump a proud 5 feet!  He was so cute in his little life vest – the handler held him off the ground while she was setting up, and his little feet would just go, go, go – he was so anxious to get started.

We met Misty and Stormer, from Westerville, Ohio, who inspired their humans to get involved in dock diving by jumping off the docks near their home.  Unfortunately, on their first sanctioned jumps, they only went about 1 foot, but now they are up to well over 20 feet.

We also got to see a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog / Pit Bull mix – tell me that’s not a mouthful!

(To those of you who I interviewed, I have to apologize – somewhere between there and here, I lost my notes, so I know I didn’t include all of you here.  Please rescue me by writing a comment & telling us your story!)

The longest jump we actually saw was 24’9″ from a Dalmation, but just as we were leaving, we heard the announcer call one at over 25 feet!

If you haven’t seen one of these competitions, it is well worth the trip.  I’ll try to keep you updated on future competitions so you can find one in your area.  This particular competition was part of the “Bark in the Park”, which featured displays from different vendors of dog toys, accessories, T-shirts, etc.  The Dock Diving competition was the centerpiece, but there was lots of other stuff to do and see, as well.  My middle son nearly cried when we had to leave!

The competitors come from all over – this event had dogs from Ontario, Canada, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Nevada, and Indiana. (After that, I lost track.)  My son definitely wants to start our beagle in training, and I think we may take the Vizsla as well.  I’ll have to find out how we get started, and I’ll let you  know.

Here’s a nice article from our local paper about the competition with a great picture of the Dalmation.

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Saturday Survey: Dog Contests

After posting this week about the poodle grooming finalists, it got me to thinking about the different types of contests available for dogs.  I’m not talking about conformance shows, obedience trials, or other sporting events, but about the type of thing you might see at a family picnic or county fair.  Have you been involved in any of these types of contests with your dog?

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TiVo Alert – Oprah

On Friday, Oprah will have a show dedicated to all sorts of animals.  The promo shows a house-broken hippo and a dog program at a prison, which will feature Glenn Close.  Sounds pretty interesting!

You can see more info here.  Don’t forget to look at the links towards the bottom left – it shows some funny animal videos and other goodies!

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Hotel for Dogs

hotel-for-dogsWe finally bought the movie “Hotel for Dogs” for our kids.  It was not at all what I expected it to be, but it turns out to be a pretty good movie.  I had no idea it was about foster kids, which as you know is a topic near and dear to my heart.  The “hotel” the kids establish is designed to take in the “throwaway” dogs left out on the street, an obvious metaphor for foster kids.

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