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Shelter Sunday: Southern Pines Animal Shelter, Hattiesburg, MS

Is this not the cutest puppy face you’ve ever seen?  This is Jolie, a resident at the Southern Pines Animal  Shelter in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  She’s a two-month old Labrador Retriever mix.  I don’t usually showcase young dogs on my Shelter Sunday feature because there are so many older dogs in need, but I just couldn’t resist this face!

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Shelter Sunday: New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue, Inc. / Blooming Prairie, MN

Meet Blitz!  Blitz is a 2yo purebred blue merle Aussie girl. She’s has one blue eye, one brown eye and a docked tail. She was turned in with Lillie at the shelter, as an ex breeder dog. She is a rambunctious little gal for sure and we are working on getting her to stay down, she loves to jump on people! She is really a great dog, especially when she settles down.  She loves to cuddle when she does settle down and she always has kisses to give.  She is a little slow to warm up to some men, but loves women.

Shelter Sunday: Animal Adoption Foundation / Ross, Ohio

Shelter Sunday will be just a little different this weekend.  I spent the holidays with my Mom in Southwestern Ohio, and as one of our outings, we went to the tiny (think 2-sided stop signs) town of Shandon, Ohio.  As part of their annual Christmas in the Country festival, they had a dog parade featuring some of the dogs available for adoption at the Animal Adoption Foundation in nearby Ross, Ohio.

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Shelter Sunday: Chocolate Chip Dalmation Assistance League / Adelphi, MD

Meet Katherine Hepburn. Here’s what she wrote on Chocolate Chip Dalmation Assistance League’s website.

Hello, I am Katie and I am a pretty, petite, female, 1-2 year old Dalmatian mix that was pulled from a local animal shelter in Maryland. I was very happy to go home with my foster mom and run around in her big yard! I am told that I can be very charming especially when I cock my head and put my ears up.

I am also playful, curious, and energetic. Every day is like a new adventure with a yard to explore, birds to listen to and try to figure out where all the chirping is coming from, and squirrels to watch. I love to play, play, play and run around the yard with my two other foster brothers (Cary and Astro). I also understand the word “ball” and will go look for it and hopefully find it when you tell me to, but I am not going to give it back right away! I like to run around and play with it on my own.

I am very pretty when I sit and am working very hard to not jump up and understand down, but it is easy to forget when I get excited to see someone or smell something yummy in the kitchen! I also would love to come up and sit in your lap, but am undrstanding that I need to be invited or I have to stay on the floor. I am told I am a smart girl and am learning quickly.

At the end of a big day, I like to curl up in my crate and will burrow down for the night in my big, soft blanket. I sleep easily through the night and am ready to go the next day. I also snooze patiently in my crate while you are gone and ready to go when you come home with my tail wagging and wagging.

I am spayed, housebroken, up to date on shots, and on heartworm and flea/tick preventative. I also have no health problems and love playing with other dogs. A buddy would be wonderful! I would benefit from continued obedience training and clear, consistent direction. If you think I am right for you, please fill out an adoption application.

If you’re going to be in Maryland, contact Chocolate Chip Dalmation Assistance League by calling 301-434-1086 or e-mailing ccdal AT Comcast DOT net to set up a time to meet Katie and her friends. If you’re not near Maryland, check out PetFinder’s Shelter Center to find adoptable pets near you.

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