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Elderly Michigan Dog Abused During Break-In / Reward for Info

Photo Courtesy WXYZ
Photo Courtesy WXYZ
I can barely stand to write this story, but I’m going to in hopes that someone has information that will result in the prosecution of these…I would call them animals, but that’s an insult to animals. When burglars broke into a home in Hamtramck, Michigan, the family dog apparently began barking, which of course they didn’t like. Continue reading Elderly Michigan Dog Abused During Break-In / Reward for Info

Ohio Dog Fighter Denied Early Release from Prison

Judge Robert Ruehlman presided today over the early release hearing of Terry Kendrick, who had been convicted of charges related to running a dog fighting ring that was connected to the ring run by Michael Vick.

Kendrick’s original sentence was for 13 years, and he has served 8 years so far at the Chillicothe Correctional Institution. “I’ve learned a lot being away from my family as long as showing what my actions can bring about. You’ll never have a problem with me again,” Kendrick said.

However, prosecutors pointed out how badly the dogs had been hurt. Some were stitched up and made to fight again. Others were dumped and left for dead.

Kendricks’ wife, who stated he was “not a bad person”, and their 12 children were nearly jailed for contempt after they stated (loudly) their disagreement with the judge’s ruling.

Fortunately, the judge was not swayed and ruled that Kendrick should complete the original sentence in its entirety.

Cincinnati’s WKRC provided the video via YouTube.

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Wednesday’s Wacky World of Dog News

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office  / Ofc. Chris Hegstrom
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office / Ofc. Chris Hegstrom

I’ve had so much other stuff to tell you about over the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to share much of what’s going on in the dog news world lately. Without further delay, here’s a roundup of all the news that’s fit to print.

West Valley (AZ) Puppy Mill Bust
The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office recently rescued as many as 130 Pugs and French Bulldogs from a puppy mill operation in Tonopah. They received an anonymous tip about conditions in the home and asked the homeowners to take care of the situation. When nothing was done, deputies returned and took control of the dogs without incident. The owners now face animal neglect charges.

According to ABC15, the dogs are available for adoption. For more information or to adopt one of these dogs call 602-876-1212 or email [email protected]. Continue reading Wednesday’s Wacky World of Dog News

Canada Joins US in Protecting Law Enforcement Dogs

shutterstock_106532798Since 1999, the United States has had a law on the books called the Federal Law Enforcement Animal Protection Act, which specifies a minimum fine of $1,000 and a maximum of 10 years in prison for anyone who is convicted of purposefully harming a K-9 Law Enforcement Officer. Canada now has its own law protecting their K-9s.
Continue reading Canada Joins US in Protecting Law Enforcement Dogs