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Inside Canton Civic Center for Jethro’s Memorial Service

Jethro Onstage Memorial

When we finally got inside the Civic Center, the floor area was set up for law enforcement only, while us commoners were asked to sit in the stands. I’m guessing there were well over 200 officers and at least as many non-law enforcement people there to pay their respects.

Playing on a large screen on the stage was a montage of photos and videos of Jethro with his handler Officer Ryan Davis and the entire Davis family. The other dog you might see in some of these photos is Armin, Ryan’s partner before Jethro. In the background, you can hear them playing the song “All Gave Some; Some Gave All”.

Center stage, there was a beautiful memorial display featuring a huge dog bone. In the front row sat the Davis family, Ryan, Rachel, Joseph, Kayla, and retired K-9 Officer Armin. Continue reading Inside Canton Civic Center for Jethro’s Memorial Service

Outside Jethro’s Funeral

Jethro Ohio Patriot Guard Riders

Jethro Outside 1

Jethro Mounted Patrol

When we first left the parking deck at the Canton Civic Center, which is across the street from the Player’s Guild, we passed a large group of people from the Ohio Patriot Guard Riders. They were all standing outside on this cold morning, holding American flags, in honor of Jethro.

We had arrived at the funeral about 40 minutes before the doors were to be opened, standing in line with hundreds of others.

Police car after police car rolled into the lot. One woman was asking those of us standing in line to sign a poster demanding “Justice for Jethro”.

A mounted guard rode up and stood in formation for awhile.

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Canton PD Press Release on Jethro / Possible Punishment for Shooter

Canton PDThe Canton Police Department regrets to report that K9 Jethro passed away this morning. He was shot multiple times while searching a building for a burglary suspect early Saturday morning. The suspect is in custody.

Not that there’s any new information here. I thought there would have been when I promised to share it.

Many people on Facebook have expressed an interest in what sort of punishment the shooter will receive. Although there are federal statutes that specify harsh sentences for killing a federally-employed K-9, the rules here in Ohio are pretty weak.

From the Ohio Revised Code (2921.321): Continue reading Canton PD Press Release on Jethro / Possible Punishment for Shooter

Tribute to Jethro

BZ Tat at work on another pet portrait.  Photo:  Sue Steiner
BZ Tat at work on another pet portrait. Photo: Sue Steiner

I wanted to link you to a post honoring Jethro from a friend of mine, pet artist BZTat.

She is much better than I am at capturing the enormity of the loss our shared city experienced today. And she’s an awesome artist, to boot! She has volunteered to paint a portrait of Jethro for the Davis family. I hope they take her up on it!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!


Officer Ryan Davis with Jethro / Photo:  Mike Ritland
Officer Ryan Davis with Jethro / Photo: Mike Ritland

The world seems just a little less bright today. We lost one of the good guys.

I just returned from the ER vet, where everyone is still pretty shell-shocked. When I saw Jethro last night, his breathing was very labored. It was apparent he was fighting as hard as he could. By this morning, he was so tired, he could no longer fight. He fell asleep and stopped breathing. Our prayers go out to Officer Ryan Davis and his family, as well as to the whole Canton PD and Police K-9 Association.

Ryan is in awe of the support he and Jethro have received. The waiting room at the vet is full of officers and their families, all who have come to show their support to the Davis family.

Even though we have surpassed our original goal, we will continue to take memorial donations on GoFundMe. I will be meeting with Canton PD and the Police K-9 Association soon to decide on the most effective way to use your more than generous donations. I’ll keep you posted both here, and on Go Fund Me.

I’ll post funeral arrangements when they become known.

Rest in peace, Jethro. You did a good job. Others will stand the watch from here.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog