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Where do people get their dogs?

Pet SourceA recent survey of people who have gotten pets (cats as well as dogs) within the past 12 months. I thought the findings were kind of interesting:

25% got their pet from a family member
24% got their pet from a shelter (those making more than $55,000 a year are more likely to choose this option than those making less)
19% took in a stray
12% bought from a purebred breeder
8% bought from a pet store
5% kept the offspring of their own pet

In another finding, 42% of people who added a dog or cat to their family did NO research before making the move. This is scary because the number one reason why animals are dropped off at shelters is because the pet didn’t meet the expectations of the family. Kind of hard to have realistic expectations when you don’t do your research first.

Come back tomorrow to take our Saturday Survey so we can all find out if our readers mirror the general population or not.

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Flying Chihuahuas????

Photo credit:  projectflyingchihuahuas.com
Photo credit: projectflyingchihuahuas.com

We posted a few weeks ago about the good work Katherine Heigl did in providing funding for a project to transport Chihuahuas from a California shelter to Nahua for adoption.  (See the original post here.)  Chihuahuas have recently surged as a status symbol in southern California, but many of the dogs are ending up in shelters when they don’t meet their owners’ expectations.

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Help Bring This Soldier’s Dog Home from Iraq

Sergeant Gwen Beberg never dreamed her compassion for a dog she rescued last May from a burning pile of trash in Baghdad would spark such a fight.  Approaching the end of her tour in Iraq, the good sergeant was transferred in preparation for returning to the United States next month.  You guessed it, the military will not allow Ratchet the dog to accompany Gwen even to her new base, let alone back to the U.S.

“I just want my puppy home. I miss my dog horribly,” Sergeant Beberg, 28, e-mailed her mother after being separated from Ratchet.

The military said in a statement that Customs procedures often prevented foreign animals from entering the US without vaccination records and other medical documents.  Although official military policy prohibits deployed soldiers from bringing home strays, the Department of Defense has been known to make exceptions.  Working with Operation Baghdad Pups, a program set up by the International SPCA, soldiers have been able to bring home 50 dogs and 6 cats from Iraq. 

Terry Crisp, of Operation Baghdad Pups, flew to Dubai yesterday and is due to arrive in the Iraqi capital tomorrow to speak to members of the military. “Iraqis view dogs and cats as rats, as nuisances, carriers of disease,” she said, noting that US soldiers had rescued many abused animals, such as a puppy that was being kicked by a circle of Iraqi men.

Crisp’s colleague, Larry Garrison, makes that point that pets can serve an important function by helping soldiers readjust to normal life when they return home.

If you agree, sign the petition to bring Ratchet home!

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Special Week

Did you know?  May 4th – 10th is not only Be Kind to Animals Week, it is also National Pet Week.  AND, the month of May has been designated as “Go Fetch!  Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month.”  So why not consider fetching some food and taking it to your local shelter. 

Even NASCAR star Kyle Busch is getting involved in helping shelter dogs. 

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