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Saturday Survey: How Do You Give Your Dog His or Her Medication?

If you’ve ever had to give your dog a pill, you know how hard it can be to make them swallow it. I’m lucky in that, with four dogs, I can just put the medication in their food and they’ll hoover it down without tasting it so no one else will get it. How do you give pills to your dog?

How Do You Give Your Dogs Pills?

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And the heat wave continues…

Sabrina Byrnes - Metroland via TheStar.com
We’ve posted several times about the dangers of leaving your dog in the car on hot days, but don’t forget that when extreme weather hits, even your yard can become dangerous for your dog. The combination of heat and high humidity can be fatal, particularly if your dog has lots of fur.

The Humane Society of Durham Region (near Toronto) responded to a call last week about an elderly Chow Chow who had been tethered in the blazing sun. The dog was unable to stand up and began convulsing once they got him into an air-conditioned van.

Debby Houghton, an investigator with the Humane Society said, “To leave a dog unattended on one of the hottest days this year, and an older dog at that, is totally unacceptable. The veterinarian attending to the dog has commented that if 10 more minutes had elapsed the dog would have probably died.”

The dog is apparently making a nice recovery and animal cruelty charges are pending against his “family.”

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Iditarod Video: Dog to Snout CPR

Scott Janssen on the revival of Marshal from Kyle [email protected] on Vimeo.

Every year during the Iditarod, animal rights groups berate the race organizers and participants for putting these “poor” dogs in harm’s way by asking them to compete.  There’s no doubt the race is grueling, but have you looked at any pictures of the dogs?  They look out of their minds in happiness that they are finally doing what they were bred and trained to do.

And the mushers know the dogs are (a) very expensive and (b) vital to their success in racing.  So most of them are meticulous in the way they care for their dogs.  Check out the lengths to which a musher will go to maintain a good dog.

As Scott Janssen (who calls himself The Mushing Mortician) was running his team down a steep section of the Dalzell Gorge, 9-year old Husky Marshall collapsed.  Janssen picked up the dog and gave him CPR.  Once the dog was revived, he got to ride on the sled into the next checkpoint, where he was treated by a vet, then airlifted home.

Here’s the full story from The Sled Blog in the Anchorage Daily News.

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Online Pharmacies for Pet Medications – Yay or Nay?

Chihuahua and bottle of pills pet prescriptionI read an interesting article weighing in on the possible issues with buying your dog’s medication online rather than through your vet. It is certainly cheaper online, but it seems there are a whole slew of potential issues you could be exposing your pet to if you do purchase medications online. I certainly wasn’t aware of all of the issues. I haven’t purchased pet medicine online but I have considered it. Money is tight for many of us so it’s tempting to save where we can.

But it’s possible some online pharmacies repackage expired medicine with new expiry dates, and some prescriptions could be outright counterfeits. At the worst, it could put your dog at serious risk, and at a minimum the medication could simply be ineffective. You don’t know that the medication was stored properly, and it’s difficult to be certain that what you receive is the correct dose for your dog’s weight.

It seems like the risks outweigh any cost savings. Have you ever purchased any prescriptions for your dog online? Would you consider it? If you have, what was your experience like? Are some online sources of pet prescriptions more reliable than others?