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Lovely Dogs in Hamilton, OH

We were traveling in Hamilton, Ohio this past weekend for our annual Challenger baseball tournament, and I got to meet three beautiful dogs!

Meet Rocky, a 10-week old Doxie, who came to watch the games; Comet, a therapy dog who ran the bases with his boy and would happily go down the slide with a sister as long as his young athlete was at the bottom to greet them; and Curly, who was hanging at Bass Pro Shop in spite of having an injured back.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Friends from the Ball Park

Meet my new friends, Twister (L) and Bandit (R). They came to meet me during my kids’ softball scrimmage last night. Aren’t they beautiful!?!?! No, Twister wasn’t being aggressive – I think I caught him mid-yawn. Right after I snapped the photo, Bandit jumped in the van to get up close & personal. I guess he thought I’d maybe take him for a ride.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Tender Moment Between Man And His Arthritic Dog In Lake Superior

In case you haven’t seen this beautiful photo making the rounds online lately I wanted to share it with you.  It’s a photo of John Unger cradling his 19-year-old rescue dog Schoep (named after a famous Wisconsin ice cream) in Lake Superior.  Schoep has arthritis and the pain makes it hard for him to fall asleep, so his loving owner takes him into the water and gently cradles him, and the dog trusts him enough to fall asleep in the water.

Apparently Lake Superior is quite warm this time of year and the warmth and buoyancy helps the dog relax enough to fall asleep.  What a beautiful act of love and kindness this man gives his faithful companion.

Do take a moment to read the full story behind the photo, it will make your day.

Schoep cradled by his owner John Unger in Lake Superior