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Keep Your Dog Safe on 4th of July

While fireworks and food are a major part of Independence Day festivities, they may not be much fun for your dog. With all of the loud noises and disruption in his routine, your four-legged friend could end up getting sick – or worse, lost. According to AKC Reunite, the AKC’s pet ID and recovery service, they had 65% more recoveries last July 4-6 compared to the same time period of the prior week (Thursday through Saturday).To help keep this Fourth of July happy and safe for your dog, the American Kennel Club (AKC®) offers the following tips.
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Barbecuing with Man’s Best Friend

Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, is around the corner and the holiday and barbecues seem to go hand-in-hand. If you plan on inviting your four-legged friend to the party, there are a few things to keep in mind before you fire up the grill. The American Kennel Club (AKC®) offers the following tips to ensure your dog’s safety at your next backyard barbecue.
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Virtual Leash Brings Your Dog Home

This is a cool new idea from the good folks at Dog Tag Art. It allows you to create a website just for your dog, which is really nothing new. Their twist on it, however, is that you put the website URL on your dog’s tag, allowing anyone who finds your dog when it is lost to log on and find out contact information not only for you, but for whomever might be more accessible at the time.
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Tuesday Top Ten: Benefits to Using Dog Seat Belts

Pictured is one available model of dog seat belt, available from Handicapped Pets. If you care enough about your dog to take him places with you, you should care enough to take him there safely. Here’s our list of the top ten benefits to belting in your dog when you take him in the car.

10. A harness usually slips right onto your existing seatbelt – they are really easy to use.
9. The harness can be taken from the vehicle and clipped to the end of a leash. No need for a separate collar.
8. Most harnesses are compatible with any vehicle make or model.
7. The seat belt will prevent your dog from being ejected in the event of a crash.
6. Seat belts keep your dog from distracting you while you are trying to drive.
5. Seat belts keep your dog (and his sharp claws!) off of your lap.
4. Seat belts keep your dog from becoming a projectile if you have a crash, which could prevent additional injury to both you and the dog.
3. Seat belts allow you to keep your dog restrained when emergency personnel respond and try to attend to you and your family.
2. Seat belts keep your dog from getting down by your feet, possibly impairing your ability to get to your brakes.
1. Seat belts save lives – both human and canine.

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Saturday Survey: Dogs and Summer Heat

I had to work really hard on today’s title. My first thought was “Hot Dogs” which didn’t seem quite right, then I thought of “Dogs in Heat” which was definitely not right. Anyways, I put up a copy last weekend of my friend’s Facebook rant about dogs being left out in the hot sun, and it made me wonder how all of you are helping your dog handle the dog days.
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