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Westminster Winners Week Day One: Guess the Year

I’m about half-way on vacation this week. I’m going to be teaching some classes, but they’re in Hawaii, so I’m counting it as vacation. I thought it might be fun to set up a game that will run while I’m gone.

I’ve dug out some photos from the Westminster archives. Each day, 5 of the photos will appear on the blog. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to guess which year is pictured. Extra points if you can name any details, such as the name or breed of the dog or the name of the owner. (And these are points in the sense that “Whose Line Is It Anyway” gives points – they don’t matter.)
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Westminster 2015: Who Do You Want to See?

rp_Morty-OK-350x234.jpgI can’t believe it’s nearly here! I leave February 13th for NYC to see this year’s Westminster show – my first time as a member of the 4th estate.

I’ll be attending Agility on Saturday, and will try to fit in a visit to the AKC Meet the Breeds event. Then, of course, I’ll go to the preliminary breed judging during the daytime on the 16th & 17th, before attending group judging and best in show both of those evenings.

So, I’m open to suggestions – what do you most want to hear about? I’ll take as many pictures as I can, but you know I’m not a great photographer, so we’ll have to see how those turn out.

Who’s got a favorite breed they want me to cover from beginning to end? You all know I’m partial to Beagles and Vizslas, so you’ll surely be seeing lots of them, but in two days I’m sure I can follow some other breeds, as well.

Let me know via your comments below.

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Good day, and good dog!

Olympic Diver Greg Louganis and His Dogs

0809141235-1I was recently privileged to attend a luncheon where the keynote speaker was Greg Louganis. You may remember him as a four-time Olympic gold medal winner. Or you may just remember him as the diver who hit his head on the springboard during the 1988 Olympic prelims. But did you know he is also a dog person?
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Controversy at 2014 Crufts Show


What do you do if your show dog has flyaway hair? At most dog shows, you would simply use hair spray to keep the fur in place during the show. However, outdated Crufts rules outlaw the use of any artificial enhancers such as hairspray or the chalk some handlers use to make white dogs appear whiter.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, opponents who organised themselves into a group called the “Elnett revolutionaires”, after a brand of hairspray, said that sending a Poodle into competition without hairspray was “like Miss World being made to go on without her make-up.”

Judges had spot-checked dogs to enforce the rules in past years, but have suspended such checks for the 2014 shows. New rules are expected to be implemented before next year’s show, allowing both hairspray and chalk.

Shwew! I was worried there for a minute!

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