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Saturday Survey: Dog Contests

After posting this week about the poodle grooming finalists, it got me to thinking about the different types of contests available for dogs.  I’m not talking about conformance shows, obedience trials, or other sporting events, but about the type of thing you might see at a family picnic or county fair.  Have you been involved in any of these types of contests with your dog?

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Now I see what kind of dog-lovers you are!

I had to laugh when I saw the results of last Saturday’s survey. Here I was, worried about the post I did about my dogs’ sleeping in my bed, thinking I would be revealed as a bad, bad dog guardian for having no discipline in my home. So, when I viewed the survey results, I found out that 52% of you are just as bad as I am! 25% of you have the dog under the covers, as I do, while 27% have the dog in the bed, but on top of the covers. So, I don’t feel guilty anymore! Thanks!

Saturday Survey: Where Does Your Dog Sleep

Those of you who read my post Wednesday night know that I was getting a kick this week out of where my animals had sprawled for the night.  So, I’m curious – where does your dog sleep at night?  For this week, I haven’t blocked multiple responses, so be sure to submit an answer for each of your dogs, if you have more than one.

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