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How to Care for Dogs

How to care for dogs: A guide describing how to care for dogs with the advice of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. This film covers all the basics of dog care, to help you look after them properly.

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Being a Responsible Dog Owner

VideoJug presents a video with tips on how to do your best to care for your dog whilst maintaining your status as an upstanding citizen in your community. Use our advice to become a truly responsible dog owner.

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How you can get a dog

Taking care of a Dog is a lot of work! In this video clip learn about some basic tips to ensure your dog lives the healthiest life possible.

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Adopting a Dog: The Process

Questioning the benefits of adopting a puppy or older dog? This video is for you! Shelter, Breeder, not sure where to go? We'll help you decide.

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Choosing a Dog

Choosing a dog is a rewarding experience, and not one to be taken lightly.

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