2 thoughts on “Last Will”

  1. Robert – It’s great to hear from you after so many years. Please accept my very belated condolences on your loss of Max. You bring up an important point – I always discourage people from putting pets under the tree. They’re such a big responsibility, and far too many end up in shelters when they misbehave (as puppies will), when they grow up, or when the newness wears off.

  2. Easier said than done unfortunately, although my parents have gotten a dog, who did not have one before. So at least there is one more little rascal re-homed.

    My problem is, I don’t miss having a dog, I miss my dog (5 years gone now). Along with the fact that the responsibility a pet brings is some thing would be difficult to take on now.

    Coming up to Christmas I wounder how many dogs will be taken on with out people understanding the responsibility they bring.

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