The Best Dogs for People With Allergies

The first thing to remember when discussing hypoallergenic dogs is that it is not possible for a dog to produce no allergens. This is so because, contrary to popular belief, fur is not what people’s allergies react to. The protein that causes an allergic reaction in sensitive people is found in the saliva and on the skin of the dog, in addition to on the fur. While choosing a dog that doesn’t shed much can help with allergies, it will not totally eliminate the problem.

The breeds likely to cause the least problems for allergy sufferers are those with single coats. Double-coated dogs “blow” their undercoats seasonally and can cause major headaches for those who react to dog proteins.

Strategies to reduce allergic reactions include grooming the dog frequently, vacuuming often to remove flakes of dead skin from your carpets, and keeping the dog out of bedrooms so there is at least one “clean” room where the allergic person can get away from the source of his or her problem.

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