Miller High Life Dog Show

Just saw the new Miller High Life commercial.  You know how he goes into various sports arenas and takes back their beer because they aren’t worthy?  In this one, he goes inside an arena and sees it has been converted for use as a dog show.  He just can’t believe it.  Then, at the end he says, “Is that a portrait of a dog?”  It doesn’t translate well for me to tell you about it, but I can’t find it on YouTube yet.  It is absolutely hysterical, so watch for it.

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Good day, and good dog!

UPDATE 9/11/10: Found the YouTube video:

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6 thoughts on “Miller High Life Dog Show”

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  2. That Miller High Life ad is awful, and so are the rest of them. Cannot understand what the fat guy is saying half the time. When they encounter the Veteran at the baggage claim, it makes you wonder just what he’s up to before he finally shakes the Vets hand- seems like he’s at first going to accost him for touching his luggage. This series of ads should be pulled – they’re awful.

  3. our dog was in that commercial, I’m trying to find it on the web, and can’t….if anyone finds it, please e mail me……thanks alot. Denise W
    the komondor in best in show ring

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