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AKC News Roundup

Photo:  AKC
Photo: AKC

The AKC has been sending out press releases right and left, so I have a few pieces of news from them to share with you. This will be a long post, so I want to shout out the highlights right here at the top:
1. Responsible Dog Ownership Days return for the 19th year. Kits are available to help you get started hosting an event.
2. Down and Back podcast, season 2, an historical look at dogs and dog shows, is now available.
3. New, additional dates announced for Meet the Breeds. Continue reading AKC News Roundup

August is National Dog Month

BigStock Photo
BigStock Photo
From The Dog Lady’s mailbag, courtesy of National Day Calendar:

All during the month of August, National Dog Month celebrates our loveable canine pals smack in the middle of the dog days of summer. Dogs are the #1 most commonly owned pets on the planet, and with good reason. Did you know that scientific studies prove our pawsome companions make us happier, less stressed, and more optimistic? The list of benefits to spending time with a dog goes on and on, but it all proves one thing––that a month-long celebration of our furry best friends has been a long time coming. Continue reading August is National Dog Month

Saturday Survey: Is Your Dog an Escape Artist?


If your dog has ever run away from home, you know how nerve-wracking it can be trying to find him or her.

My current dogs haven’t left the front yard since they left puppyhood, but I’ve had runners in the past. How about you?

Has your dog ever run away or escaped?

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Bonus Friday Funny: Dog Olympics

Olympic rings

From the Twitter feed of Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings):

i made a list of events. i think should be added. to the olympics

2. the 100m hardwood floor slide
9. least time between naps
3. walking on the opposite side of a tree. so your human has to switch the hand they are holding the leash with
6. floor routine. but it’s belly rubs

Sounds about right.

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I Love a Happy Ending!

From our friends at CNN: When Aisha Nieves lost her dog in Allentown, Pennsyvania, she was devastated. She did the usual things you do when you lose a dog, but had no luck finding Kovu.

Turns out he was taken to the Lehigh County Humane Society and adopted out to another family. Two years later, the family was forced to return the dog when they faced eviction due to the COVID pandemic.

Good thing Aisha had never given up on having a dog in her home. Scrolling through the humane society’s webpage, she found her beloved Kovu and was able to reunite with him!

Another good reminder to microchip your pets.

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