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9/11 Search and Rescue Dog Magnets

MOD SAR Magnets

Are you looking to spruce up your refrigerator door? Check out these new magnets from the AKC Museum of the Dog online store!

These new magnets feature several Search and Rescue dogs, in honor of the Museum of the Dog’s newest exhibition, 9/11 Remembered: Search and Rescue Dogs. Take home your own piece of history and honor the legacy of these canine heroes. Featuring art by Ron Burns. Continue reading 9/11 Search and Rescue Dog Magnets

AKC Museum of the Dog Search and Rescue Plush

MoD SAR Plush

In honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11, the AKC Museum of the Dog is offering for sale these 10″ plush search and rescue dogs. Aren’t they cute?

Click here to order. Or, if you’re in the town so nice they named it twice, stop by the museum and be sure to visit the gift shop! Their address: 101 Park Ave, New York, NY 10178.

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Westminster 2021: New Breeds

Four newly AKC-recognized breeds will join the 209 eligible breeds at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2021.

Photo:  WKC
Photo: WKC

The archetype water dog of France, the Barbet is a joyful, bright, and loyal companion. A rustic breed with roots as far back at the 16th century, this medium-sized dog locates, flushes, and retrieves birds. The Barbet will join the Sporting Group. Continue reading Westminster 2021: New Breeds

Crocs for Dogs

Photo Geharty on Amazon
Photo Geharty on Amazon

It took me almost 50 years to find shoes that didn’t hurt my feet, and now I wear nothing but Crocs. I call them my fashion statement.

That said, I can’t imagine asking my dogs to wear them. Cute idea tho, if your dog’s feet need to be protected from de-icing chemicals in the winter or hot pavement in the summer.

Like everything, they can be found on Amazon.

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Saturday Survey: Flea Control


As I posted earlier this week, Congress is asking that Seresto flea collars be recalled due to safety and health concerns. It got me wondering what kinds of flea control you use.

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I recently switched from K9 Advantix to Bravecto because the Bravecto is required to keep my Checkers’ mange under control. I’ve been happy with both as far as fleas and ticks.

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