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Fundraiser for Kabul Small Animal Rescue

Photo:  KSAR
Photo: KSAR
Help get pets out of Afghanistan as human evacuation continues.

Conditions are dire. Our animals are safe and we are still open and ready to help any animals that cross our paths! It is a dangerous time but the KSAR staff will not desert the animals. We are trying to get them to safety out of country and money is needed. Continue reading Fundraiser for Kabul Small Animal Rescue

We’re Havin’ A Heat Wave

BigStock Photo
BigStock Photo

The weatherman said there are 106 million people in the US under a heat advisory today. I’m not sure how many dogs live with those 106 million people, but thought this might be a good time to review some things about dogs and heat.

If at all possible, let your dog stay indoors. If s/he MUST be outside, provide multiple sources of water in case they knock over a bowl or three. Provide shade, not just in a dog house, but somewhere they can catch a breeze if the wind happens to blow. Continue reading We’re Havin’ A Heat Wave