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Prayers for Delta K-9

Photo from K9s for Cops Facebook page
Photo from K9s for Cops Facebook page
When you hit your knees tonight, please offer up a prayer for the Delta Force K-9 injured today in the raid on Al Baghdadi. The dog was chasing the terrorist and his children into a tunnel when Baghdadi detonated his suicide vest. I don’t know how close the dog was to the blast, but he apparently sustained some injuries.

We offer best wishes to our wounded hero.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Not One More Vet

For many of us, it would be a dream job: caring for animals all day long. However, what we don’t often see are the long hours, the stress of dealing with sick animals – and their families, and the heavy school debt load. Combine these negatives with easy access to lethal medications, and you see an alarming suicide rate among veterinarians.
According to a recent story on NPR, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found female veterinarians were 3.5 times as likely, and male veterinarians were 2.1 times as likely, to die from suicide as the general population. Continue reading Not One More Vet

Prayers for K-9 Lemon

Photo courtesy Pasco PD
Photo courtesy Pasco PD
From the Facebook page of the Pasco (Florida) PD: GET WELL SOON, K9 LEMON! We had a medical emergency [last week] involving #K9Lemon. He suffered a stomach-flip, which can strangulate intestines and result in death if not operated on immediately. Fortunately, Officer Josh Madsen (K9 Lemon’s driver) recognized the problem and got him to the vet for emergency surgery. Continue reading Prayers for K-9 Lemon

Hurricane Preparedness

never leave behindAlthough Dorian can’t seem to decide when – or if – to hit the US mainland, we thought it might be good to offer a few preparedness tips, whether for this one or the inevitable next one.

First, make sure you include your dog in your evacuation plans. Call during good weather to check on pet-friendly hotel availability or inland shelters that will accept dogs. Laws have changed recently, making it much easier to bring your pet along when you evacuate, so if you haven’t checked in a while, you may want to make a new list of options. Continue reading Hurricane Preparedness

Service Dogs in Training Attend Theater

Courtesy CNN
Free performance of Billy Elliot: The Musical? Why can’t I be a service dog in training? is reporting on a group of future service dogs who attended a relaxed performance designed for those sensitive to lights and sounds at the Stratford Festival. Continue reading Service Dogs in Training Attend Theater