August 29, 2018

From Detroit PD Facebook page - I don't believe this is Vito, but there was no caption, so it could be.

From Detroit PD Facebook page – I don’t know if this is Vito, but there was no caption, so it could be.

The Detroit Free Press is reporting the tragic news that yet another K-9 officer has been left in a patrol car to die of heat exhaustion. [Read more]

Helping Dogs Left Homeless by the CA Wildfires

July 31, 2018

(Video courtesy ABC7 News.)

Looking for a way to help dogs rescued from the California wildfires? Look no further! The video lists needed supplies, but if you’re not in the area, I’m sure they’d appreciate cold, hard cash, as well!

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Todd, the Hero Golden Retriever

July 19, 2018

The NY Post recently featured details from a Facebook post put up originally by Paula Godwin of Anthem, Arizona. Seems her Golden Retriever puppy, Todd, jumped in front of a rattlesnake, taking the bite for Paula. [Read more]

RIP Alejandro

June 4, 2018

Detroit is known for many good things, but Smile Of Dog Pomeranian Spitz. Portrait Pomeranian Smiling Dog.now, unfortunately, their airport is known as the place where Alejandro the Pomeranian died on a layover from Arizona to New Jersey. [Read more]

RIP K-9 Baron

June 2, 2018

K9 BaronThe Boone County, MO Sheriffs Department sadly announced late last week that K-9 Baron had died during a training exercise. The German Shepherd had faithfully served the department since 2012. He was 8.5 years old.

Rest easy, Baron. Others will take the watch from here. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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Just a Military Man and His Dog

May 21, 2018

A feel-good story from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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Find Your Niche

May 17, 2018

There’s always a way to make money, if you’re creative enough! From 9News in Denver.

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Do You Live Near Greeneville, Tennessee?

April 6, 2018

NewsChannel 11 is spreading the word about the Greene County, Tennessee animal shelter, which is up to its ears in dogs. A county resident died recently, leaving behind 60 dogs in need of foster and / or adoptive placements. The shelter is also looking for donations of cash, food, and other supplies.

Please help if you can!

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Update on United Airlines

April 5, 2018

Military Times is reporting that United has updated its pet policy to allow service members to get their large animals home from Guam. [Read more]

Unexpected outcome of the United Airlines dog debacle

April 2, 2018

Over the past several months, United Airlines has been in the news with horrible stories about their treatment of dogs. A dog died after being forced to fly in an overhead compartment, then three dogs were loaded onto incorrect planes and sent as far away as Japan. As a result, the carrier has suspended all animal shipments while it tries to get its act together. While that seems like a good thing, there has been at least one unintended consequence: a Coast Guardsman is now facing a $31,000 bill to fly her English Mastiff, George Jefferson, home from Japan! [Read more]

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