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Prayers for K-9 Lemon

Photo courtesy Pasco PD
Photo courtesy Pasco PD
From the Facebook page of the Pasco (Florida) PD: GET WELL SOON, K9 LEMON! We had a medical emergency [last week] involving #K9Lemon. He suffered a stomach-flip, which can strangulate intestines and result in death if not operated on immediately. Fortunately, Officer Josh Madsen (K9 Lemon’s driver) recognized the problem and got him to the vet for emergency surgery. Continue reading Prayers for K-9 Lemon

Hurricane Preparedness

never leave behindAlthough Dorian can’t seem to decide when – or if – to hit the US mainland, we thought it might be good to offer a few preparedness tips, whether for this one or the inevitable next one.

First, make sure you include your dog in your evacuation plans. Call during good weather to check on pet-friendly hotel availability or inland shelters that will accept dogs. Laws have changed recently, making it much easier to bring your pet along when you evacuate, so if you haven’t checked in a while, you may want to make a new list of options. Continue reading Hurricane Preparedness

Service Dogs in Training Attend Theater

Courtesy CNN
Free performance of Billy Elliot: The Musical? Why can’t I be a service dog in training? is reporting on a group of future service dogs who attended a relaxed performance designed for those sensitive to lights and sounds at the Stratford Festival. Continue reading Service Dogs in Training Attend Theater

RIP K-9 Joker

The Brimfield K-9 Corps, circa 2014
The Brimfield K-9 Corps, circa 2014
From the Brimfield, Ohio, Police Department: It is with sadness today that we announce the passing of retired Brimfield Police Department K-9 Joker. Joker’s end of watch was July 28, 2019.

Joker was born on July 23, 2006 and served with Captain Christopher Adkins. Joker served our Brimfield community until his retirement on September 21, 2013. Together, they had 374 deployments together, with numerous drug seizures, including some of the largest ones assisting Tallmadge PD. Joker received his first state certification at 6 months old, and maintained both state and national certifications throughout his career. Continue reading RIP K-9 Joker

Nominate Your Favorite Hero for AKC Humane Fund’s ACE Honors

cute french bulldog in a super hero costume  toned with a retroFrom The Dog Lady’s mailbag: To celebrate the dogs who do extraordinary things in the service of humankind, the AKC Humane FundSM is seeking YOUR nominations for its AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE). Nominations are now open and winners will be announced in the fall of 2019.

Each year, the AKC Humane Fund pays tribute to five dedicated, hardworking dogs for making significant contributions to an individual or entire community. Since its creation in 2000, 95 ACE awards have been presented to dogs of various breeds, including one mixed-breed dog, from states across the nation. Former ACE recipients have included a Great Dane who helps his young owner walk and a family companion who fought for his life after protecting a seven-year-old from a rattlesnake, among dozens of other extraordinary dogs. Continue reading Nominate Your Favorite Hero for AKC Humane Fund’s ACE Honors

K-9 Mick Wounded in The Line of Duty

From the Murrieta (CA) Police Department’s Facebook Page:

Early [Sunday] morning, K-9 Mick was deployed to assist officers and deputies in taking a carjacking suspect into custody. During the apprehension, K-9 Mick was shot by the suspect and sustained a gunshot wound to his lower jaw and neck. K-9 Mick was quickly brought to the emergency vet, California Veterinary Specialists, and treated for his injuries which were not life threatening. K-9 Mick has already been released and is currently resting at home with his handler. K-9 Mick is expected to make a full recovery and return to active duty soon.

We are very proud of K-9 Mick’s performance. The fact that no officers or deputies sustained any injuries were in large part because of K-9 Mick’s involvement. Mick and his brothers, Buck, Pak and Duke work hard every day to serve and protect the residents of Murrieta and surrounding cities. We are lucky to have them.

Rest up, K-9 Mick! Your city needs you healthy! Thank you for your sacrifice and for taking such good job of your fellow officers.

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