April 15, 2019

SpencerHappy Boston Marathon Day! Can I just say that I love that this dog is named Spencer, (I’m assuming) after the famous fictional private investigator based in Boston. Remember Spencer for Hire on television? He was from a series of books by Robert B. Parker, which I highly recommend for those of you who like crime fiction.

Thanks to the ABC affiliate in Boston, WCVB, for bringing us such a delightful photo on race day.

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Good day, and good dog!

The Story of Roo and Joey

April 11, 2019

From Fox8 News in Cleveland, meet Roo and Joey, the cutest little dogs you will ever see!

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Good day, and good dog!

Prayers for Green Bay’s K9 Pyro

April 9, 2019

Here is the Latest Update from the Animal Referral Center. [Read more]

AKC Launches AKC B.A.R.K. Program to Get Kids Excited About Reading

April 4, 2019

BARKFrom The Dog Lady’s mailbag: The AKC B.A.R.K (Be A Reading Kid) Program is a program designed to get children excited about reading. The goal of the AKC B.A.R.K Program is to provide children with a fun, educationally enriching experience that also allows them to bond with a canine companion. [Read more]

Tragic Ending to the Search for Bear and Leo

April 3, 2019

Bear LeoIf you spend much time on social media and are anywhere near Northeastern Ohio, you may have had Bear and Leo show up on your timeline. The two Bernese Mountain Dogs were thought to be stolen, and the heartbroken family searched and posted pictures for weeks, hoping someone might have information on their beloved family members. [Read more]

China May Have Cloned a Police Dog

March 26, 2019



According to state-run news agency Xinhua, China has successfully cloned a Kunming wolfdog (similar to a German Shepherd) using the skin cells of a seven-year-old female named Huahuangma, a working police dog.

Here’s the English translation of the article from Xinhua: [Read more]

Eulogy for K-9 Armin

March 24, 2019

Armin BWA eulogy upon the passing of Canton PD K-9 Armin, written by his best friend and partner.
K-9 Armin (Retired), Canton Police Department. Canton, OH

“Sorry if this gets long but words can’t express! 11 years ago this magnificent creature came into my life and we started our journey together! Over the next 7 plus years on the street I would learn that there’s a bond that can’t be expressed in words! He was the definition of Loyalty! He was smarter than most people and definitely more genuine! He could go from playing with a group of school kids to taking down bad guys and back like flipping a switch! He taught me the meaning of “dogs smell fear” but didn’t know the meaning of the word! He physically saved the lives of several people by finding lost endangered! He saved my ass on several occasions and saved my life one night knocking a gun out of a guys arm as he pulled up on me and had the drop! [Read more]

AKC Announces 2018 Most Popularly Registered Purebreds

March 22, 2019

lab stairsFrom the Dog Lady’s mailbag:
The Labrador Retriever once again breaks records! The American Kennel Club (AKC®) announced at a press conference today at the AKC Museum of the Dog that the loveable Lab remains the number one most popular breed in the United States. Additionally, AKC registration continues to expand for the sixth consecutive year. [Read more]

Tomorrow is National Puppy Day!

March 22, 2019

Show us your puppy pictures (of any age!)

Today is National K-9 Veterans Day

March 13, 2019

K9 BaronLong time readers know I have a soft spot for two things: veterans, and dogs. So, I’m happy to highlight today’s celebration of National K-9 Veterans Day. [Read more]

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