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Computerizing your dog

Photo:  Patrick Thibodeau / Computerworld
Photo: Patrick Thibodeau / Computerworld
This sounds so far-fetched, but it is apparently true. Computerworld recently featured a story about Diesel, a Lab who has been outfitted with enough electronics to rival any teenager. Diesel recently made an appearance at a Smart America conference sponsored by the White House to showcase how technology can change service delivery.
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The Life and Times of Hayden

Mike Hargrove with Hayden, courtesy LifeWithDogs.tv
Hayden started out his life with a family who didn’t know much about dogs. They didn’t like his barking, so they wrapped wire around his muzzle. Then he did something they really didn’t like, so they kicked him out of their home. But life began looking up soon enough for Hayden.
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