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Saturday Survey: Smart Dogs


I posted earlier in the week about an intelligence test for dogs, but even if you didn’t complete the test, I know you have some sense of how smart your dog is, just from living with him or her.

How smart is your dog?

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Carbon Footprints

BigStock Photo
BigStock Photo
One need only look at the wildfires raging in the Western US or the storm activity in the Caribbean to know that climate change is real. We all know we have a carbon footprint we should be trying to shrink, but did you know your dog has one that can be reduced, too?

Sherry Listgarten, writing at, lists ways in which we can reduce the carbon pawprint. Here’s what I see as the top three of her suggestions. Continue reading Carbon Footprints

Mrs. Kravitz and Friends

Photo owner unknown.  Please claim it if it's yours.
Photo owner unknown. Please claim it if it’s yours.

Are you old enough to know who Mrs. Kravitz is? Gladys Kravitz was a recurring character on the ancient Bewitched show. She constantly had her nose stuck out of her curtains, and knew absolutely everything that went on in the neighborhood. My dogs are definitely the same way, except when nap time intervenes.

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