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TP Explosion

Meme owner unknown.  Please claim it if it's yours.
Meme owner unknown. Please claim it if it’s yours.

Are any of you able to find TP online yet? It’s still a struggle here, even when ordering from a store for pick-up (which I am still doing because I’m diabetic and don’t want to interact with too many people.) I’d have to kill my dogs if they did this! Which is why I keep it all put up in the cupboard.

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Good day, and good dog!

Commentary on #TheVetLife

Photo courtesy Animal Planet
Photo courtesy Animal Planet
I’ve been enjoying watching #TheVetLife on Animal Planet recently, but I have to comment on something they showed last weekend. Dr. Blue and his wife have recently adopted India, a dog that is, as he describes her, “the size of a horse”. One of their concerns is that the dog is eating their woodwork and has punched a hole in their bedroom wall. Their solution was to hire a trainer, who appears to do a great job, using positive rewards such as food and affection to train India to sit, stay, lie down, etc. However, no amount of obedience training is ever going to cure destructive behaviors in the house. Continue reading Commentary on #TheVetLife