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AKC Introduces Puppy Pack 2.0

Puppy Pack 2.0From The Dog Lady’s Mailbag: Calling all puppy lovers! The American Kennel Club (AKC®) is excited to announce the newest group of puppies for its “AKC Puppy Pack,” which will feature three puppies training for work that will transform the lives of their human companions – what’s better than that? The AKC will follow the endearing stories of all eight dogs in the puppy pack — including a guide dog, a service dog, and a detection dog in training — as they grow, learn, and play! Continue reading AKC Introduces Puppy Pack 2.0

Nineteen Pups!

KAHFrom the Facebook page of Kingman Animal Hospital in Arizona:

The staff of KAH (11 of us) successfully delivered 19 Great Dane puppies this morning by C Section! All live and healthy! Mom doing great!

These puppies do not belong to KAH or any of the staff.

Thank you all for the kind words and congrats to the momma dog and our hard working staff that came in for this emergency.

Holy cow, that’s a lot of puppies!

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