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Saturday Survey: Euthanasia


Earlier this week, I posted about the decline in euthanasia in pet shelters, but I want to ask today about the broader question of euthanasia. I have a relative who is absolutely against it under any circumstances, while I tend to think it can be a humane solution when a dog is suffering. My son, who works in a nursing home asked me the other day why we can’t euthanize old, suffering people. I tried to explain how that’s a slippery slope, but I’m not sure he heard me.

How do you feel about the practice for dogs?

Would you ever euthanize a dog?

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Hero Dog Ralph

Photo from
Ralph. Photo from

From our friends at Ralph, a four-year old Great Dane, is being credited with saving his family’s lives after a fire broke out in their Birmingham home in the middle of the night.

From his kennel, Ralph let out what his dad describes as a different kind of bark, which prompted dad to look out the window. The family’s BBQ grill had caught fire, and the fire was spreading to the house!

The parents were able to get their two children safely out of the house and rescue Ralph from his kennel. One of their pot-bellied pigs was rescued, but one perished in the fire.

Our condolences to the family on the loss of their belongings and their pig, and our kudos to Ralph for looking out for his family.

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