So Long, Farewell

Rosie & Checkers, Photo by Philley
Rosie & Checkers, Photo by Philley

After nearly 14 years and over 5,500 posts, The Dog Lady is hanging up her keyboard and heading into retirement. Through countless dog shows, new friends made at the ice cream shop and elsewhere, adoptable shelter dogs on Sundays, Top Ten lists on Tuesdays, Saturday Surveys, K-9 features, and dog memes galore, it has been my great pleasure to be associated with and for such a long time.

They took a chance on me when I was just starting my writing career and have been great to work for. In fact, I am proud to call the principals my friends. I hope some of you call us your friends, as well.

My favorite part of the year is coming up: Westminster, followed by the Iditarod. It will be a unique experience to sit back and watch this year without blogging these wonderful events.

I don’t know what the next chapter of my life will hold, but I know there will be dogs involved, as always.

As for this blog, it will live on, just with a different writer / editor.

Hoping all of us find peace and joy in the New Year.

And so, for the final time,
Good day, and good dog!

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