Iditarod 2016 Ceremonial Start

Dog SleddingI wish I had known this earlier, I would have given you advance warning. For the first time, the Iditarod ceremonial start is being live-streamed FOR FREE at Take a few minutes and check out these powerful working dogs and their handlers. The last racer is scheduled to take off at 1:04 pm Alaskan time, which is 5:04 pm in the East.

The actual timed race will begin on Sunday at 2 pm Alaksan time (6 pm Eastern). I’ll be bringing you the standings every day until it’s over – usually about 10 days.

One of the problems for planners this year has been the lack of snow, leaving a very icy trail. We’ll have to see how that impacts the race as it progresses. This being an even year, they are taking the Northern Route, which one would assume would mean more snow.

The live stream broadcast is really a good idea, I think. For all of the haters who think the dogs are being forced or whipped to do something they don’t want to do, this shows that the dogs CANNOT WAIT to get started. There are, in fact, people holding them back until it’s their turn to go.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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