Countdown to Westminster 2016: Meet the Breeds

MtB CostumeThe second part of the AKC / Westminster Meet and Compete event is Meet the Breeds. For this event, 150 different breeds will each have a booth set up to help you learn more about their favorite type of dog. For some of the rarer breeds, this may be the only opportunity you will have to see one in your lifetime.

This is the 7th annual Meet the Breeds event, but only the 2nd time it has been included with the Westminster Kennel Club show. The breed booths will be at Pier 92, while the other half of Saturday’s event (Agility) will be at Pier 94. There is a new interior staircase that connects the two piers so you no longer have to go outside, which is good, as it is supposed to be FREEZING tomorrow.

I was honored to attend Meet the Breeds last year, and I had a fabulous time! Each booth will have a breeder or handler in attendance with at least one dog exemplifying the breed standard. Some of the booths will be decorated and some of the people will be dressed up to show you where the breed comes from. The picture here is one I took last year.

Meet the Breeds is not televised. It is something you have to experience in person. Last year, it was so crowded that the Fire Marshal stopped the entrance line for awhile until some of the people already inside had left the building. They ended up having to add an hour to the event so everyone could get in. So if you’re going, go early. It opens at 10 am and will remain open until 5 pm.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about breeds you might be interested in, especially if your interest lies in a breed that is rare, new, or maybe even not yet in the official AKC Stud Book.

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