Seasonal Lap Changes

Photo by Philley
Photo by Philley

We have had a major upset at my house with the change of seasons. Checkers, the Coonhound in the background looking like the world has ended, has taken her afternoon snoozle in my lap all summer because Rosie the Vizsla wasn’t interested. However, now that the weather is a bit cooler, Rosie is all about being a lap dog.

For the past couple of days, Checkers has been spending a lot of time barking and whining at the back door, but not wanting to go outside. I couldn’t figure it out until it finally dawned on me that we went through this last fall, too. Checkers hopes that she will entice Rosie to get off my lap to see what’s going on so she (Checkers) can jump up on me for her turn. Rosie is a year smarter now and isn’t falling for it, and I have yet to convince them that they will both fit at the same time.

Oh, the joys of having multiple dogs in the family!

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