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Saturday Survey: Is Your Dog an Escape Artist?


If your dog has ever run away from home, you know how nerve-wracking it can be trying to find him or her.

My current dogs haven’t left the front yard since they left puppyhood, but I’ve had runners in the past. How about you?

Has your dog ever run away or escaped?

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National Lost Dog Awareness Day

Waiting Lonely DogApril 23rd is National Lost Dog Awareness Day, a good day to check your dog’s tags and chip registry to make sure everything is up to date. Are the tags legible? Do both the tags and the registry have your cell number? If you have or had a landline, you may have that info still listed.

If your dog is not micro-chipped, today might be the day to call around and find out where you can get it done inexpensively. Or check on line for special events in your area where they may be inserting chips at very low cost.

When was the last time you walked your fence line looking for weak spots that may become escape routes in the future?

You should also inspect your leashes, collars, and tie-outs to make sure nothing is getting frayed.

Do you have a current picture of your dog along with his or her current weight and height? That can be important if you have to post flyers or advertise your lose online.

I’m hoping you never need these precautions, but better safe than sorry.

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Reunited and it feels so good

Meet Pumpkin, the little dog who got lost in New Mexico and ended up in Georgia. 11Alive in Atlanta reports that compassionate people and a microchip were instrumental in the dog’s return to family.

Pumpkin had been wandering around Allatoona Landing Marina for weeks when Annette Hatt noticed him and took him home. She connected with Kathy Lee Russell on a lost animals page, and Kathy agreed to board Pumpkin and have him vetted. The good folks at Animal Hospital of Towne Lake found out that the 7-year old Lhasa Apso was not only healthy, but was also microchipped.

Meanwhile, back in New Mexico, Manny Ornelas had been searching for his dog for months after the pup had been stolen from his yard in November.

Georgia-based Ruff Redemption Rescue provided Pumpkin with a plane ride home, where a very happy and relieved family greeted him at the airport.

I just love a happy ending!

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Wounded Greenwood K9 Officer Kina Found Alive

When officers responded to a domestic disturbance call in Greenwood, Arkansas last Wednesday, a gunfight killed one officer, wounded another, and wounded K9 officer Kina, who had been in her cruiser. The dog escaped the vehicle and ran from the scene. She hadn’t been seen for two days, until someone who was building a new home near the scene of the shooting found her hiding out in the vacant home. The man called police, who responded immediately, keeping Kina contained in a fenced area until her handler arrived.

The video from Channel 5 News will bring a tear to your eye, as the dog bounds to meet her best friend. She had been shot twice, but appears to be healing well. They will need to evaluate her to see if she can function as a police dog after the trauma, but she is physically going to be ok.

Our sympathies to the Greenwood PD on the loss of one of their human officers during the domestic call.

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Murphy is home!

WCAX.COM Local Vermont News, Weather and Sports-

WCAX in Burlington, VT is reporting that Murphy, the Golden Retriever who ran away after a car accident 18 months ago, is finally home with his family.

When Ed Hamel’s granddaughter was in a car accident in 2014, Murphy escaped and ran away. His brain immediately shifted to survival mode. He never left the Waterbury Center area, but he refused to be caught, even running from Mr. Hamel when he saw him.

Neighbors finally built a humane trap and caught Murphy, returning him to his home. Once back in familiar surroundings, Murphy settled back in as if nothing had happened.

So nice to have a happy ending!

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