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Easing Your Dog’s Anxiety as You Return to Work

From our friends at Women After 50 on Facebook
From our friends at Women After 50 on Facebook

If you’ve been home with your dog during the pandemic, it’s likely your dog has grown very accustomed to having you around and may have anxiety issues when you go back to the workplace full time.

Some might argue that our dogs have enjoyed the stay-at-home orders more than anyone else, leaving owners with more time for walks, fetch and quality time with our pups. However, with businesses reopening all throughout the country and stay at home orders being lifted, we can’t forget about how going to work can affects our pets. Continue reading Easing Your Dog’s Anxiety as You Return to Work

National Lost Dog Awareness Day

Waiting Lonely DogApril 23rd is National Lost Dog Awareness Day, a good day to check your dog’s tags and chip registry to make sure everything is up to date. Are the tags legible? Do both the tags and the registry have your cell number? If you have or had a landline, you may have that info still listed.

If your dog is not micro-chipped, today might be the day to call around and find out where you can get it done inexpensively. Or check on line for special events in your area where they may be inserting chips at very low cost.

When was the last time you walked your fence line looking for weak spots that may become escape routes in the future?

You should also inspect your leashes, collars, and tie-outs to make sure nothing is getting frayed.

Do you have a current picture of your dog along with his or her current weight and height? That can be important if you have to post flyers or advertise your lose online.

I’m hoping you never need these precautions, but better safe than sorry.

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Good day, and good dog!

Poor Chance!

My brother & sister-in-law have been out of town this past week, so Grandma has been babysitting their dogs, Chance and Matilda.  When I talked to her last night, she said Chance has taken to sitting down in front of her and saying “woof”.

She said she’s let him out, fed him, petted him, and done everything else she can think of, but he still sits in front of her and says, “woof” every few minutes.  I think he just misses his daddy!  (He’s a big old daddy’s boy.)

I thought I had a picture of them, but I guess not.  I’ll get one from Jim when they get back so you can see just how pitiful Chance is.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!