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Shelter Sunday: Yara / Island Pacific Dog Rescue Society / Qualicum Beach, BC

Yara BC

Meet Yara! This Australian Cattle Dog mix is a beauty. Here’s what her rescuers have to say about her: This beautiful girl is a sweetheart and will love you unconditionally! She absolutely adores people, is good with kids and is looking for an understanding family to make her own. Yara is a 45lbs Australian cattle dog, spayed, housetrained and estimated to be 2 years old.

She is almost completely deaf. She does respond well to visual cues, so with training, her lack of hearing could be easily managed. A home where she can be the center of attention would be ideal! She does like playing with well matched dogs, so one 4-legged companion might work (she can get overwhelmed around too many dogs and get defensive). She has no known history with cats, but is probably best suited to a home with no small animals. Continue reading Shelter Sunday: Yara / Island Pacific Dog Rescue Society / Qualicum Beach, BC

Pandemic Recession Hits Dogs


At the beginning of the pandemic, shelters rejoiced as people who were stuck at home began adopting dogs to keep them company. Now, however, as economic hardships are hitting home, some are being forced to surrender their dogs.

The ASPCA estimates 24.4 million animals will soon be living in poverty with their families due to the virus, a 21% increase since February. ASPCA research shows that a lack of affordable veterinary care and limited access to spay/neuter services are important potential contributors to pet relinquishment. They have launched programs and partnerships in Los Angeles, Miami and New York City to make veterinary care more accessible and affordable. Continue reading Pandemic Recession Hits Dogs

Shelter Sunday: Baby Blue / Out of the Woods Rescue / Little Rock, Arkansas

Baby Blue AR

Meet Baby Blue! Here’s what her rescuers have to say about this Husky / Shepherd mix:

Baby Blue was born after a pregnant dog was dumped in a rural part of Arkansas. We think she is a Shepherd/Husky mix. She was born around September 1st. Baby Blue has one blue eye, which makes her very unique! She has a very sweet personality. She will probably grow to be a medium to large dog.

Baby Blue has started her series of puppy shots & will be spayed and microchipped when she is a little older.

Baby Blue is currently a guest of Out of the Woods Rescue in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you’re lucky enough to be near Little Rock, why not contact the shelter to ask about Baby Blue and all of her friends. Here’s a link to their adoption application or you can call them at 501-503-0606 or 888-633-4442.

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What’s My Rescue Dog’s History?

BigStock Photo
BigStock Photo

From the Washington Post: If you’ve ever rescued a dog or adopted from a shelter, you may have had lots of questions about where the dog came from or why s/he has an odd behavior or two. Conversely, if you’ve had to rehome your dog, you may wonder how things turned out. Now there’s a way to find out. Continue reading What’s My Rescue Dog’s History?

From the Today Show: Things To Know Before Adopting a Dog

Dr. Evan Antin (named Sexiest Veterinarian Alive by People magazine) joins co-host Susan Lucci and Kathie Lee Gifford on National Puppy Day to explain everything you need to know before adopting a new furry friend. He brings along some sweet pups that are just waiting for some snuggles! (From 2017.)

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Dealing With Canine Anxiety

Bigstock Photo
Bigstock Photo

Our friends at Women’s Health Magazine have come up with nine ways to help your anxious dog:

Spray Adaptil on the dog’s food. It simulates the pheromone mama dogs emit when their dogs are nursing.

Try a Thundershirt, which basically swaddles your dog to help him or her deal with thunderstorms, fireworks, etc.

Provide basic support, like belly rubs, treats, and snuggles. Continue reading Dealing With Canine Anxiety