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July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day


To help reduce the estimated 500,000 pets affected by home fires each year, The American Kennel Club and ADT Security Services announce “National Pet Fire Safety Day.” This nationwide awareness day educates pet owners about potential risks when pets are left home alone and provides them with proven prevention measures to ensure their safety.

According to a recent AKC study, 88 percent of pet owners consider their pets to be valued family members so it makes sense to include them in fire prevention plans and rescue alerts should a house fire strike. As part of National Pet Fire Safety Day, AKC and ADT have developed helpful prevention, escape and rescue tips for pet owners. Continue reading July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day

Bissell Pet Foundation’s Empty the Shelters Summertime Adoption Event

Photo:  Bissell Pet Foundation
Photo: Bissell Pet Foundation

After successfully finding loving homes for 4,374 pets in May, BPF’s Empty the Shelters is back July 7-11! With 186 participating shelters in 45 states offering reduced-fee adoptions of $25 or less, it’s the perfect time to adopt. So many wonderful pets are waiting for homes, and we’re sure you’ll find the pet of your dreams. Don’t miss this great opportunity to bring a pet into your family, and most importantly, save a life. Please spread the word! Continue reading Bissell Pet Foundation’s Empty the Shelters Summertime Adoption Event

Animal Welfare Takes a Step Back in Texas

From MSNBC: Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is facing criticism after he vetoed animal abuse legislation that bans tethering dogs outdoors using heavy chains or chaining them up without drinkable water and adequate shelter or shade. Abbott says laws already in place were adequate.

I don’t understand the harm in strengthening laws that may not have been specific enough.

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National Rescue Dog Day

Natl rescue dog day may 20

From National Day Calendar: (If you’re interested in days designated as national days of anything, this is THE go-to resource.)


On May 20th, National Rescue Dog Day recognizes all the benefits of allowing a four-legged canine to adopt you into their immeasurably lovable life.

According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year. When these abandoned and abused animals find their way to a shelter, each one needs a forever home and their potential is limitless. They’re rescue dogs. Continue reading National Rescue Dog Day

Humane Society Horrible Hundred Puppy Mills 2021

Photo:  HSUS
Photo: HSUS
From the Humane Society of the United States:

The Humane Society of the United States is reporting on problem puppy mills, including some dealers (re-sellers) and transporters. The Horrible Hundred report is a list of known, problematic puppy breeding and/or puppy brokering facilities.

It is not a list of all puppy mills, nor is it a list of the worst puppy mills in the country.

We provide this update annually, not as a comprehensive inventory, but as an effort to inform the public about common, recurring problems at puppy mills.

The information in this report demonstrates the scope of the puppy mill problem in America today, with specific examples of the types of violations that researchers have found at such facilities, for the purposes of warning consumers about the inhumane conditions that so many puppy buyers inadvertently support. Continue reading Humane Society Horrible Hundred Puppy Mills 2021

Petco Love Lost

It’s estimated that one in three pets will go lost during their lifetime — 10 million annually. And without a central place to report them lost or found, many may never be reunited with their families. At Petco Love, they’re determined to change that. They vow not to stop until every lost pet finds their way home. That’s why they created Petco Love Lost, a national resource that uses pet facial recognition technology to empower animal-loving communities to reunite lost pets.

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Lost Dog Awareness Day

April 23rd is the day we draw attention to the plight of lost dogs and celebrate reunions. According to Lost Dogs of America, The tenacious efforts of the combined states’ volunteers efforts, along with over 600,000 fans have helped reunite over 125,000 dogs with their families since 2011. Getting lost dogs back home reduces stress on owners’, staff at shelters/animal control facilities, other dogs in the facilities, and ultimately saves taxpayers’ money. It also opens up kennel space for truly homeless dogs. Continue reading Lost Dog Awareness Day

Shelter Sunday: Rocky / Manitoba Underdogs Rescue / Winnipeg, MB

Rocky MB

Meet Rocky! This very large Boxer mix is 2 years old. Here’s what he has to say for himself:

Hey guys, my name is Rocky (like Rocky Balboa ‘cause we are both Boxers… get it?). I came into MUR’s care a year ago when I was injured and needing help. Continue reading Shelter Sunday: Rocky / Manitoba Underdogs Rescue / Winnipeg, MB