Freedom Tails Ohio Rescues 37 Dogs from Breeder

From the Freedom Tails Ohio Facebook page:

Freedom Tails

Tonight we worked until 4am getting 37 animals to safe.

We could really use some help with this one. Many skin infections, birth defects, ear infections, filth and general health issues. 31 of the animals will stay with FREEdom Tails Ohio including 3 special needs and 28 adult dogs of various breeds. 6 others went to Speak including 3 medical cases now that’s teamwork!
It will cost thousands to get these dogs ready for families.
Please consider donating by:
Cash app $burn73
Venmo @freedomtailsohio
PayPal [email protected]
Or send a check by snail mail to our mailing address (dogs are not kept here we are foster based)
Freedom Tails Ohio
5508 Hilliard Rome office park
Hilliard Ohio 43026.
Freedom Tails Ohio is a 501c3 and your donation is tax deductible
These dogs are not yet available and it is too soon to be able to answer any questions.

According to the Columbus Dispatch:
Two dogs had such severe ear infections that they each scratched one of their ears off, Burnside said. Another dog required emergency surgery for a uterus infection. Three puppies had untreated hernias.

In addition to the 37 dogs, 12 cats were removed from the home. Freedom Tails expects to return and pick up 16 more dogs this weekend.

Like many rescues, Freedom Tails is being overrun with animals after the surge in adoptions during the pandemic. Breeders had waiting lists, and many overbred their animals to exhaustion. People are now returning to work and, unfortunately, getting rid of the dogs they took in while they were stuck at home.

If you can, please consider fostering for your local rescue organizations or donate money, time, or supplies to assist them.

If you don’t know where to go or how to help, google “dog rescues near me”. Most organizations have a website, or at least a Facebook page. Sometimes they list what supplies they need, or they may have a link to an Amazon wishlist where you can shop and have the items shipped directly to the rescue.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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